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Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss

Name Ranav Voss M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian/Human Hybrid
Age 36
Date of Birth September 14, 2359
Place of Birth Bolarus IX, Arinol (an underwater settlement in the Kisaran Ocean)
NPC Author Vos

Physical Appearance

Height 187 cm
Weight 80 KG
Hair Color Dark ash blonde with a touch of grey
Eye Color Steel Grey with darker grey and blue speckles.
Physical Description As a Bolian Ranav, or Ran as he is often called, has the traditional center demarcation that divides his body into two sides. What is unusual though is the pinkish undertones and the facial hair he is able to grow. His height and muscular build are two traits that are obviously from his human heritage.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Doner Human Sperm
Mother Doner Bolian Egg
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Adoptive Father: Commander Richard P. Voss
Adoptive Mother: Lieutenant Commander Emily (Stratton) Voss.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ranav, or Ran as he is referred to by his close friends, is an interesting person full of contradictions. As a Bolian he enjoys working as a team yet is self driven in ways most are not. He exhibits an outgoing personality and has a sense of humor that aids in his bedside manor and ability to make friends both on and off the job. He is extremely outgoing and prides himself on keeping up his physic which is more muscular than that of most Boilans.

Being an unusual individual biologically as both a human and a Bolian has raised the curiosity of many. As an individual that looks strikingly Bolian, Dr. Voss has an unusual last name and his exceptional height for that species and sports facial hair which is not that common for those of that heritage. On the other hand as someone with human heritage, he bears too much of a resemblance to a Bolian, has blue blood when it is extracted from his body, a resistance to some poisons and a cartilaginous portion of his tongue through the normal resistance held by pure Bolions is diminished slightly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Highly intelligent
Exophysiology: With a vast knowledge of the physiology of the various species present both in the Federation, and some that are not, he can often look at illnesses in a way others may not be able to. This isn’t hidden knowledge but could be obtained by studying the physiology or looking it up on a ships LCARS.

Women: The physician has been known to get himself in trouble in pursuit of the opposite sex.
Desire to please: Ran sometimes will take dares and risks to impress others but never with patients.
Over Confident: At times he can have too much faith in his abilities.

Ambitions Ranav would like to be the lead physician in a major medical ship if not the Commanding Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Exophysiology: Dr. Voss loves the pursuit of knowledge especially that of physiology as it pertains to medicine.
Exercise:With a mesomorphic body structure and a muscular form Ran enjoys working out and staying in shape. He does a lot of bodybuilding and cardio to keep his shape. Among his exercise regime are not just lifting weights but a variety of physical activities such as running, rock climbing and swimming.

Beer: Perhaps oddly for someone in the medical profession he enjoys various alcoholic drinks, especially beer. From the fermentation processes to the hops or other ingredients that go into making it.

Music: With an interest instilled from his parents Ran enjoys twentieth and twenty first century pop/rock music. He can play the electric guitar and he can sing but only lets his friends know that part of his life, unless he’s been drinking and it’s karaoke night.

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Common, Bolian, Vulcan, Klingon


Personal History Under the waters of the Kisaran Ocean of Bolarus IX, the Bolian homeworld, was a secret scientific project being performed. The settlement known as Arinol was a peaceful place filled with aquatic scientists had no idea that right among them were individuals conspiring to overthrow the government.

From before the Dominion War in 2357a group of politicians, scientists and scholars formed a secret organization. Feeling vulnerability and fueled by the conception that their species was not advancing fast enough an anti-government group known as Blue Thunder was born. Later, with their dependence on the Federation’s Sixth Fleet during the war, their group has only grown. For the most part they have operated invisibly. Keeping themselves underground as it were they prefer to work behind the scenes. Dr. Lytia Heradd became a member in 2358.

Dr. Heradd, an esteemed scientist, had started a project with her team to create the “ideal” Bolian. Using the cover of a research sight in the undersea outpost she began to gather Bolian Female eggs and the sperm of various species. The theory being that for Bolians to truly advance they would need to integrate their genetics with other species thus giving them a better chance at survival and at overcoming some of their perceived weaknesses. Although Heradd had extensive experience in genetic research and embryonic development her official focus was in ensuring the survival of various marine life that were struggling on her homeworld. This provided what cover was needed to begin her other, more elicit experimentation.

Over time 58 Bolian eggs were smuggled into her labs along with sperm from various species. Of this group thirty six eggs fertilize and begin dividing. As time progressed more and more of these embryos failed to thrive leaving only six to survive long enough to be placed in awaiting artificial wombs. As time progressed more of these embryos were naturally aborted until only one remained.

On September, 14, 2359 at 0345 the test subject given the name Ranav was removed from the womb and declared a successful birth. Dr. Heradd informed her husband and co conspirator, Hils Heradd, of her success. Their plan was to secretly get the child out of the lab and into a trusted home but one of her team members blew the proverbial whistle; Before the child could be moved the lab was raided by the authorities at which time Ranav was taken into governmental custody.

After several failed attempts to take back the child it was decided to take him off planet and place him up for adoption within the Federation. The theory was that off world he might cause less of a problem.

Ranav was placed in several foster homes in an attempt to draw out the potential kidnappers and thus lessen the threat of it happening later. It became obvious that the group had lost interest in an attempt to reclaim the boy and plans for a more secretive adoption was made.

Commander Richard P. Voss and Lieutenant Commander Emily (Stratton) Voss. were chosen to adopt him though at first it was thought they would be receiving another Bolian infant, a purposeful misleading to ensure things went well with the transfer and no attempt would be made at extracting the child.

Commander Voss was stationed on the U.S.S. Russell, a Galaxy class ship stationed in the Alpha quadrant. It provided a stable and loving home for the young man to grow up in and with his father in security a good bases for physical exercise including running, cycling, swimming and kickboxing.

Ran found that as he continued his exercises his father would praise him for each accomplishment t, would praise him for his academic achievements. He wasn’t the strongest boy onboard. Among those was a Vulcan by the name of Tilett. He became friends with him and they would challenge each other to physical feats which he gladly took on though more times than not his first attempts were less than exemplary. He would work out with his father or his friends after school.

His mother was the chief scientist and she would encourage him in his academic pursuits. School came easy for him when he wasn’t trying to impress the girls. His scholastics scores were high and by the time he was twelve the encouragement from teachers and his parents convinced him to buckle down and pour more energy into his efforts. Hanging out there as a prize was the possibility of becoming a commissioned officer like his parents, and the knowledge that girls liked men in uniform.

By his seventeenth birthday he had decided he would like to pursue medicine. The Chief Medical officer had taken him under his wing and taught him some simple lab work and encouraged him to study biology, anatomy and chemistry. He applied to multiple university medical programs and was accepted to several.
Ranav chose Bradbury University on mars. It was located in bradbury City and was a prestigious university with an exceptional medical college. In 2382 he graduated Magnacumlaud with a Medical degree with a specialty in emergency medicine.

Following his graduation he was accepted into Starfleet medical where he studied Exobiology and graduated at the top of his class in 2386.
Service Record Ensign l Medical Officer, USS Starchaser l 2386 - 2388
Lieutenant JG l Assistant Chief Medical Officer l USS Cosmos l 2388 - 2390
Lieutenant l Assistant Chief Medical Officer l USS Cosmos l 2390 - 2391
Lieutenant Commander l Chief Medical Officer l USS Cosmos l 2391 - Present