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Lieutenant Hachirou Takeshi

Name Hachirou Takeshi

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 30
NPC Author Shi

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Naturally black, dyed blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a lean, athletic frame and a round, boyish face, Hachi comes from the stock of Starfleet officers who are perpetually young and therefore always suspected of something. He keeps fit, thanks to a healthy eating and exercise routine he developed while in Academy, and holds himself like a healthy, humble individual. Unlike most of the sort he tends to hang around, Hachi is free of blemishes or tattoos and rarely expresses any sort of outward emotion, signs of his strict familial upbringing.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Father Shiro Takeshi [Age 69]
Mother Ai Takeshi [Age 67]
Sister(s) Hitomi Takeshi [Captain of USS Utanu, Age 35]
Other Family Akihito Takeshi

Personality & Traits

General Overview If there is one word that could easily describe Hachirou Takeshi it would easily be 'caring.' What he lacked in intelligence, he made up for in compassion and helpfulness. It was what originally attracted him to Starfleet and the idea of it. His drive to assist and aid is what led him to become trained in multiple first aid disciplines surrounding the medical field, but he had an affinity for other departmental umbrellas.

Naive, however, is what Hachi is not. He is more than happy to help those who need his assistance, but he despises being taken advantage of. A people-watcher by nature, he tends to notice subtle differences in body language, or makes a decent attempt to. If he feels lied to or taken for granted, he will not say a word, but will make it clear through his own body language and passive responses that he noticed.

As sweet as he can be and as open-minded as he strives to become, the boy is not without fault. Raised in an ultra-conservative household, there are certain behaviors that Hachi finds offensive or outright rude. Of course, it's rude to say that he thinks it's rude, but he'll have a hard time acting normally around it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Level-headed
+ Patient
+ Emotional Control
+ Ultra-polite and tactful

- Interacting 'normally', or in a non-awkward manner.
- Speaking up when he is dissatisfied with something
- Self-sacrificing
- Deeper understanding of certain cultures
Ambitions Hachi's ambitions are always in flux, seeing as he truly has very little idea of what he wants. What he does know is that so long as he does the best job he can, he'll be able to ascertain what he wants in a future point in time.
Hobbies & Interests Hachi practices a more common form of Vulcan meditation, which helps him level his mind and be more aware of his body.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual


Personal History Hachi was born to the Takeshi family with high expectations hovering above his head. Second of two children and the only son, his parents looked to him to honor the family name and continue the lineage. Predictably, the young boy was pulled through similar schooling that his elder sister had been put through, most of which included some form extra education on top of everything else. He would swiftly find, at an early age, that his interest in education was narrow-minded at best.

Despite his distaste, Hachi made it through school with the best marks that he could muster, which, admittedly, were not the most outstanding, which in turn impacted his future and his parents' dispositions around him. Even as his parents were pressuring him to work harder and farther with his education, however, Hachi turned to volunteer work in order to salvage his potential. He found his calling in carework, and spent most of his time volunteering at animal shelters and homes for the elderly. During these trips, Hachi gathered quite a few interesting stories, one of which being from a former, highly decorated Starfleet official. He spoke of glorious tales of adventure and war, meeting new races and experiencing things that no one else in the home was able to experience. Every time the boy came, he sat and listened to the old former Admiral, who wove every extravagant tale he could possibly imagine, and more. The boy knew his sister to have taken this route, and, by the time he was eighteen, she had already been sent off into space.

Much to his parents distaste, the retired admiral's joy, and with his elder sister's blessing, Hachi immediately applied the first moment he was able to, managing to squeak by the admission test without looking too abysmally unintelligent.

When he was through, Hachi soon found that he would have to catch up on his schooling, especially with so many classes and paths to choose from. He would eventually shuffle off to learn the finer details of flight control, picking up various bits and pieces from other paths as he was allowed to. During his final year at the Academy, he had gathered as much knowledge as he could cram into his brain, and had won enough accolade from his instructors that he was recommended to a starship that specialized in search and rescue as a support craft pilot for a cadet cruise, eventually graduating to ensign on the Vegas herself.

From the moment he stepped upon the Vegas through the four years of his assignment, Hachi not only honed his flight skills, but also jumped in where he thought was most helpful, learning emergency first aid and minor ship repairs while both while on the job and from anyone willing to teach him. He proved as valuable asset as he could with the limited abilities he had, but his helpfulness eventually earned him a reassignment as full Flight Control Officer on the USS Taurus, where he continued his assimilation of knowledge, adding leadership skills onto everything else.

After a two-year assignment as flight control officer, Hachi was transferred over to a smaller, Nova-class vessel known as the USS Utanu, which, at the time was commanded by a woman who had recently lost half her flight staff to what had been described to him as a case of 'backseat piloting.' Promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on the spot, Hachi was soon thrust into one of the most chaotic assignments he could have imagined. He managed through two years upon the Utanu, before a sudden retirement on part of the CO forced the whole of the Utanu's crew to return to Earth as arrangements were made. In a complete surprise, his own sister decided to take up command of the ship, which caused a potential conflict of interest between the pair. Like any good sibling, Hachi bowed out of his position willingly, seeing this as a step in Hitomi's career above his own, taking a month to return home and straighten things out with his parents, who he had chosen not to speak with on a regular basis on the fear that they would have forced him to retire early.

Much to his surprise, they did not. Even without a copious number of pins to attach to his own name, his parents were proud to say that both of their children were finding their place in the stars, especially their youngest, who they were previously afraid for.

With renewed vigor, Hachi returned to Starfleet at the request of an old friend on the Taurus. It seemed that while they had a full complement of senior staff, the Chief Operations Officer was having issues stepping into the new role. Graciously accepting the offer of acting as a leadership consultant and shadow for the department, Hachi would adapt to his new position with little issue, learning what he could in order to excel in the position. He would remain in the position for two years, until the Chief of Ops felt comfortable enough in the role and Hachi could move on, which he would do in the form of a Chief of Ops posting of his own on the USS Cassiopeia. The posting would not last long, as the ship was soon decommissioned for reasons that are still lost on Hachi.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2381 -2384 [Freshman - Junior Grade]
USS Vegas 2385 [Cadet Cruise Senior Year; Support Craft Pilot]
USS Vegas 2386 [Graduation, Promotion to Ensign]
USS Vegas 2386 - 2388 [Ensign; Support Craft Pilot]
USS Taurus 2388 - 2390 [Ensign; Flight Control Officer]
USS Utanu 2390-2391 [Ensign-Lt. Jr. Grade; Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer]
~*1 Month Leave in 2391*~
USS Taurus 2392 - 2394 [Lt. Jr. Grade-Lieutenant; Assistant Chief Operations Officer]
USS Cassiopeia 2395 - [Lieutenant; Chief Operations Officer]