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Anthony Hooks

Name Anthony James Hooks

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Date of Birth June 15, 2377
Place of Birth Starbase 17

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 173
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall and athletic, with slightly disheveled dark brown hair and an air of mischief. He is almost always sporting some combination of bruises, scratches, scrapes, or cuts. When asked about treating these minor injuries, he typically waves off the idea and says something to the effect of "When I have time."

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Samuel Everett Hooks
Mother Gwendolyn Marie Hooks
Brother(s) Allen Carter Hooks
Wendall Martin Hooks
Joseph 'Joey' Dean Hooks
Sister(s) Amanda Jeanne Hooks (missing - presumed dead)
Carla Rae Hooks
Other Family Lots of them...can describe if/when necessary. Most are tied to the family business.

Personality & Traits

General Overview "What could go wrong?" It's his favorite saying and somewhat of a mantra for him. When he isn't repairing something, his mind is mulling over what could break next. How will it break? What will be the effect of that - what will it take with it when it goes? He will often mentally play out scenarios where something fails to see what the subsequent issues might be, so as to try to prevent them from happening. He is a big proponent of hands-on training over 'book-learning', and takes maintenance very seriously. He doesn't present himself seriously, though...he often uses humor to connect with others and lighten the mood while trying to convey his message. Though he has done work for Starfleet in the past as a contractor/consultant, he can't see himself conforming enough to actually join up. Instead of a rank or title, he prefers to be addressed as 'Mr. Hooks', or just 'Hooks' when amongst friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Smart
- Inquisitive (this can occasionally get him in trouble)
- Athletic
- Resourceful / Creative thinker
- Uses humor to deflect...can be good (when defusing stressful situations) or bad (avoid dealing with something directly)
- Wealthy family (mid/large-scale successful salvage/repair business...from shuttles to space stations)
-Expert in procuring/repairing/restoring/marketing older tech (with a reputation and numerous contacts in this field).
- Overconfident (at times may mistakenly assume he's the smartest, most attractive, etc guy in the room)
- Impulsive
- Vengeful (keeps a mental do not want to be on the list)
- Bit of a letch
- Can seem loony / may try using humor at inappropriate times
- Driven to find out what happened to his missing sister.
Ambitions - find out what happened to his missing sister
- keep fixing things that others give up on
- build/improve his reputation as an expert in his field
- amass a personal collection of technological things he probably shouldn't have
- have fun when possible
Hobbies & Interests - fixing / collecting space-related tech (military, scientific, and civilian, old and new)
- commerce related to the aforementioned space tech (subscribes to every major used ship trader publication)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Language(s) Spoken Common english, Klingon, Ferengi


Personal History Anthony 'Tony' Hooks was born into a family business that has given him a solid background in scrapping, scrounging, repairing, and selling space-related tech. As he came of age, his job was to get the most $ out of whatever he was handed. Old parts that can be demonstrated as working are worth more than ones just laying on a warehouse floor. Working systems are worth more than ‘for parts only’ systems. Ships that move on their own power and ‘need work’ are worth more than ones floating dead in space, and so on, and so on. As his ability and reputation grew, he would often take on consulting gigs/contract work to help private collectors, organizations, governments, and even Starfleet to help repair/restore antiquated ships and stations. His favorite person in the world is his sister Amanda. She broke away from the family business and joined Starfleet. The ship she was on went missing somewhere in the stretch of space that the SS Mary Rose frequents/will frequent, so he pulled some strings to get a spot on board that he feels eminently qualified for.
Service Record He has often been hired as a civilian contractor by various Starfleet and government entities. He has assisted with repair/restoration of older vessels and antiquated stations to keep them in service until they can be upgraded or replaced. He is also hired frequently to investigate cause(s) of failures in such equipment (whether sabotage/neglect/faulty gear from manufacturer/etc. is the culprit). He would likely have had a background check and would maintain a security clearance high enough to be able to work on the aforementioned ships and stations.