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Created by Captain Rueben Gregnol on Sun Jul 3rd, 2016 @ 6:02pm

This is the format for all posts no exception. If it isn’t done the post will be put back into saved mode.

Title: Choose something that best highlights your post. People always look at that, if its not interesting people are not going to want to read it. TBD or Rueben/Rokar is okay for saving between you and other players but its needs to have a title to be sent.

Location: On SS Mary Rose we are lucky that we have an amazing deck listing with so much detail. Its needs to be SS Mary Rose, Deck X, Location .

Timeline: Mission Day XX :: 24 hours clock eg 00:00. Example of this MD 04 :: 22:00


The main bulk of the post needs to be a good amount of words with spelling, grammar and punctuation checked. 500 words minimum is the requirement per post with anything over 3,000 split into separate posts to allow people be able to read it. We each have a duty to make posts readable and enjoyable, these are easy to follow and the same requirements on all OF ships.


Your character

Characters position

SS Mary Rose - In italics

If your character is an PNPC please add (PNPC Your primary characters name) Example (PNPC Gregnol)

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