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Name Kol

Position Master-at-Arms

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid (Argelian-passing)
Age 61
Date of Birth May 9th, 2336
Place of Birth Vayara, Iro III
NPC Author x

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 196 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Sprouting up taller than the average "Argelian", Kol is built to reflect the high degree of physical activity that he participates in on a daily basis. His eyes are pitch-dark, well-enough obviously a hint at his true heritage, but not so out-of-the-ordinary that truly dark irises cannot be explained by mundane phenotypical expression.

His hair is equally as dark, often tied up in a severe ponytail, with edges of grey at his temples. His face is harsh and weathered, with ample crows-feet and laugh lines, though Kol rarely indulges in anything as frivolous as laughter.

Kol appears in muted, dark colors-long sleeved ribbed sweaters, swat boots, that sort of thing-and carries a variety of weapons on his person at all times, many of which are hidden. While his build is bulky and muscular, he displays surprising agility and walks silently.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Leda Keelan (painter, deceased)
Children Laurie Keelan (chief counselor, USS Cosmos)
Mahra Keelan (deceased)
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Other Family Kiye Keelan (sister-in-law, sheriff, Sar Oke)
Shayar Keelan (father-in-law, district attorney, Harro)
Neila Keelan (mother-in-law, mayor, Harro)
Hale Mizana (son-in-law, forensic psychologist, Longview)
Elynn Keelan (grandson, 2.5 y/o)

Due to the circumstances of his departure and the legal sanctions against him, Kol does not speak to any of his direct family and they, in full recognition of Federation law and cultural morality, have disowned him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kol passes for an Argelian with considerable telepathic talent, and is adept at obscuring his scans to suit the identity that he's chosen. His personality is a juxtaposition of reserved and compliant marched alongside quiet dominion. He values privacy and acts as much within his own personal ethical code as he is able.

Non-judgmental, and quite familiar with the annals of grief, there is a trail that leads behind him of those he has abandoned and distanced himself from if not outright personally hurt. He resists comfort, and thrives in hierarchical structures like the Syndicate where he's spent most of his life.

It is not difficult to parse Kol's Orion influences, most especially under the adage of cluros. This is not something he consciously adopts, but it does press along the corners of his being: speak formally and levelly to one's opponents, treat those who are disarmed with respect and courtesy, do not forget details, do not allow distractions, and never reveal weakness.

Kol rhymes with call.
Strengths & Weaknesses At one point Kol lacked completely in mercy, and this resulted in a great deal of harm to everyone that had the misfortune of crossing his path-even as an adult, long out of the situation that had produced his violent behavior in the first place.

As the years have marched steadfastly forward, the emotional calibration chip (ECC) that caused so much suffering in his history has gradually loosened its hold over him. This has resulted in neurogenesis, allowing him more access to a richer, fuller existence.

Kol moves through the universe on its edges, having taken on a less destructive self-image, he attempts to guide and nurture where he can in his own way and utilizes force only insofar as it is necessary to complete his duties and protect himself and his ship-mates.
Ambitions To survive, and atone.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering and computers, sparring/fighting, firearms, hiking, strategy games like chess and go, ceremonial tea, smoking (cigars, collecting various cigarettes from around the quadrants), fine liquor, reading (typically non-fiction, periodic poetry), the news.
Sexual Orientation Pansexual.
Language(s) Spoken Avendar (primary), Nayah (Betazoid), Yrevish/Yreakriol (Orion), Kardasi, Traders Kione, Federation Standard (tertiary), a smattering of Russian and Rigelian.


Personal History Serik Hallin was born on Iro, a planet deep in the Beta quadrant known for its nebulous political climate. His parents were killed before he could remember and he was snatched up early on by the Iro Provisional Milita, which was dedicated to upholding the laws of their world as defined by the Iro Corporate Congress.

As an adult, Serik met Leda Keelan on Aven station and became enamored of her. They married and had two children, relocating back to Hedaya, Betazed to raise them before both Leda and his son Mahra died in suspicious circumstances and he fled the planet with his eldest, Fader, to the OSS Halariel.

Captain Keyru saw no use for a salander-addicted criminal taking up space in his cargohold, which prompted Serik to undergo voluntary withdrawal of the substance before snagging a position on board as a security officer. Keyru recognized Serik's lack of parental discipline and offered to purchase Fader as a favor.

Several years later, Serik was caught out in Federation territory after seeking medical assistance for his son, whom had sustained injuries beyond the capacity of the Halariel's sickbay to treat. Fader remained in Federation custody after that, and Kol of Argelius II surfaced on board the OSS Thymeze soon after, dropping his alter-ego off the face of the universe.

Kol has spent the past twenty-five years forging a name for himself in the Orion Syndicate, finally scoring a spot on board the OSS Vayei as its chief of security and first officer under Captain Haron, who could be considered Kol's only true friend.

After the destruction of the Vayei and suicide of his commanding officer, Kol wandered aimlessly for some time before responding to an advertisement on Freecloud about a wanted position on a civilian cargo ship for master-at-arms.

Willing to indulge in a change of pace from his former lifestyle, Kol signed the contract and headed out as soon as possible.
Service Record Iro

2341-2350: Literacy, mathematics, and sciences tutoring (STG #237)
2341-2350: Combat Readiness Training (STG #237) (Recruit)
2350-2352: Offensive Telepathic Conditioning (STG #237) (Provisionary)
January 2352-April 2360: Basic Combat Training (STG #237) (Sentinel)
April 2352-December 2360: Iro Enforcement Squad 93 (Corporal)
November 2360: Iro Enforcement Squad 93 (Low Sergeant)


2360-2364: Forestry Worker

Orion Syndicate

2364-2374: Integration and Recruitment, OSS Halariel
2374-2380: Deliveries Officer, OSS Thymeze
2380-2391: Integration and Recruitment, OSS Thymeze
2391-2392: Security Officer, OSS Vayei
2392-2393: Administrator, The Smoke Pit
2393-2396: First Officer/Chief Security Officer, OSS Vayei


2397: Master-at-arms, SS Mary Rose

Federation Bureau of Investigations

Name: Serik Keelan
Aliases: Serik Hallin, IPP# 5837
Last Known Location: OSS Hure.



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