Table of content:

1. General rules:

    1.1 The SS Mary Rose's main goal is to tell interesting stories, explore and develop your character and to have fun.

    1.2 The SS Mary Rose is a 18+ 2/2/2 rated RPG, and stories need to portray this. In the fair circumstance where you are unsure of the rating please put a warning at the top of the post.

    1.3 Writers on the SS Mary Rose are expected to post once every two weeks. Exceptions are made when multiple players are engaged in large joint posts with three or more players. If you are working on a large JP, let me know. A reply to a JP needs to be done within 3 days so there is a smaller chance of large JPs holding up posting for too long.

    1.4 If you are not able to participate with the RPG, for whatever reason, you need to apply for a leave of absence.

    An absence of fewer than 2 weeks is an LOA, and an absence of more than 2 weeks is an ELOA (Extended Leave of Absence).

    If you are working on a JP, you are also required to let your fellow writers know, and you need to agree on what to do with the JP during your absence.

    1.6 After someone has missed the posting deadline they will receive a discord summons or DM from the CO/XO reminding them they haven't posted for more than 2 weeks and asking for a reason and/or remedial action. After a total of 3 weeks of inactivity, combined with not responding to messages, the character will become an inactive character and his/her position will become free for new writers.

    1.7 The SS Mary Rose does not allow a writer to write someone else's character, or NPC, without the permission of the writer with the exception of the Command Team. If you make an agreement with another writer to write each other's characters, please make good and clear rules about it, so the chance for any problem is limited.

    1.8 If you disagree with another writer you first need to solve the issue yourself. If you feel someone has made a negative comment, contact the person and explain the problem to the person. Most of the time the person isn't aware of it. If the situation is more severe you can contact both myself or any member of the Command Team and we'll assist in finding a solution.

    1.9 New players will be required to post something, whether it be a log or regular post, within their first week. A full week's grace period will be granted following that, and finally, removal from the sim if no posts are made.

    1.10We are a part of Obsidian Fleet and therefore the full rules of the fleet are to be followed as well as these ones.

    2. Posting Rules:

      2.1 Novel style writing.
      We use Novel style for our posts. That entails that the story should read like a book. Dialogue should be put in "quotation" marks, punctuation should be used correctly. And use proper spelling and grammar.

        The idea of this breakdown is for the posts to read as if you were reading a book; smooth and flowing prose.

        All posts must be written in 3rd person and give enough to allow fellow players to respond, if you're unsure what that means, see below.


        Ensign Blakely sat at the CoNN station, his fingers trailing lightly over the panel as his mind was reeling from the Commander's order. Did he have what it took to get this ship moving and out of the nebula without causing catastrophic damage? He sighed deeply before focusing his mind on the task at hand and engaging the Starship Victoria's engines with a touch of the panel before him.


        Ensign Blakely sits at the CoNN station. His fingers are touching the panel. He stares blankly ahead, lost in his own thoughts. He sighes deeply and touches the panel again. The ship shudders and moves forward.

        Also unacceptable:

        His eyes would roll before he turned away to the replicator. "Raktajino" he would order, accepting it from the replicator.

      • Use a spell check program before you post a story. Simple errors can be made easily. Grammarly is a free tool that the command team have found helpful

      • You are allowed to give your character an accent. That however should be done in such a way that it does not affect spelling and grammar.

      2.2 Post introduction.
      Pay close attention that you give the correct data in the field before your post. This will be the intro to your post.

      • Select the correct mission, if there are more than two active. The current mission will always be the top one.

      • Give your post a title.

      • Location: Start with the Deck - followed by the area, office or room in which the story takes place.

      • Time: Start with MD ?? and then a time of 00 00 hrs. In the mission guide, there is info on the current Mission Day and a time schedule.

      2.3 Tagging.
      Nova offers a great possibility for writing joint posts. Therefore it is not necessary to leave a tag in any finished posts. If you have a solo post that you would like another character to respond to send the player a dm.

      2.4 Length of posts.
      Posts are expected to be at least three paragraphs.

      Following fleet rule changes, a single 'post' is considered to be 500 words (excluding OOC notes). While not every post is required to meet this minimum length, players are expected to contribute a minimum of 1000 words of content each month. This can be split over multiple entries, though it is recommended that a substantial portion comes from one or two entries rather than several; we prefer quality over quantity in this regard.

      2.5 Measurements.
      We use the (European) metric system in our writing. This means that if you want to write a length, weight, temperature you need to use cm/m, kg, or Celsius. There are many websites that offer a conversion tool, in case you are not familiar with the metric system. You can also use words as heavy, light, big, small, warm and hot in your post, instead of converting it to metric.
      In a characters bio the length and a weight of your character needs to be displayed in cm, and kg. If you want you can put the imperial system between brackets after the metric system, using ' and '' for length and lbs for weight.

      2.6 Tagging turnaround
      A reply to a JP needs to be made within 3 days. It is considered good manners to inform fellow players if there are likely to be delays in response time.

    3. OOC Expectations:

    Behaviour in our community: To make everyone feel comfortable, included and valued as everyone is welcome here regardless of culture, race, gender or sexual orientation we accept no discrimination, bullying, verbal insults or behaviour that causes discord in this community. You treat everyone how you want to be treated or this is not the sim or community for you.

    Any breach of this or any other rules will result in a strike or removal from this ship.

    The strike system is as follows (This is a guide to the Strike system and doesn't necessarily have to be followed in this manner):

    1st Strike - Informal Reprimand

    2nd Strike - Demotion by one or more ranks (depending on the severity of the offence), With a possible removal from their Department Head position if applicable

    3rd Strike - Removal from the site.

    The Command staff can use more than 3 strikes if they deem it necessary. However, for any strike beyond the second strike will result in removal from a Department Head position.

      What do we expect from certain positions, and what can you as a writer expect from the leaders of this RPG.

        Command Team: From us you can expect that we will do our best to keep all the characters engaged in the stories, create new missions and keep them moving along. Provide a good working website and keep it up to date. Keep the site active and look for new writers. And most importantly provide a safe welcoming environment to write in.

        Department Heads: I expect a department head to help new members in their department getting started. To help members of their department with a story, if necessary. To know about the different areas of the ship belonging to your department.