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Thank you!

Posted on Fri Nov 1st, 2019 @ 1:01am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Hey Gang

Haven't done a news item in a little bit as it has just been chaos personally and site-wise thanks to hosting server moves this month which has affected people, making it impossible for them to see the site where they primary post.

-Valiyi Uhin – Somehow you’ve put up with me for getting on five years. How the hell you do it when I am like a demented child sometimes I DO NOT KNOW!
-Tasha Belikov – I LOVE YOU! My friend in my phone who yes we have conflicting CO styles and I am a bossy madam but you put up with me.
-Jasper Offermans – Truly I love writing with you everywhere and the fact you take all my want ads.
-Tucker Youngblood – You need to come back! We miss you!
-Kendra McIntyre – I’m blessed to have you sometimes as you are a voice of reason when sometimes I’m like go big or go home.
-Jake Ford & Michael Burnstein – Really happy to have you join our community as you are amazing writers with amazing ideas. I really love writing with you in the short space of time onboard.
-Dodian Carli M.D. Psy.D - My fellow brit and someone who loves zombies as much as me. I will always have your zombies series back and quite possibly a few beers ready if you ever come down.
-Quinton Sarratt MD – hahahahahahahahaha, no one else could put up with the joking and piss-take we take out of -Harrington. Truly love how you joke about it yourself, it has become a thing in #team72 along with Eden's explosions.
-Eden Bowers – Sometimes a little voice jumps out and goes to me what would Eden do. That is a thing and I love it that Eden has imprinted on me like a baby duck. You are awesome. Don’t forget that!

So thank you, everyone, for just sticking around and being awesome in your own little ways. I really appreciate it and the support that had been offered.

Becca xx


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