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Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 9:22am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Hi All

As you can we are announcing our next mission as I am no longer able to keep it to myself and people want to know swaps.

Mission 12 Railway

The crew of Rosie are tasked with delivering items to a refugee world when they get word from the Fenris Rangers that they need help searching for a refugee ship. On the way to the meeting point of another ship tasked to assist with the search, the crew find them in an awkward situation of swapping bodies with other members of the crew. How did that happen and how do they fix it back to allow them to their jobs?

I want to properly get this mission on its way now as it gives us so many amazing opportunities to write on a new planet with a varied plot. We have prepared a mission guide ,

This is the mission planner where you can sign up for plots or create your own.

Anyone want to discuss a plot or have an idea please grab me and we can discuss. This mission will kick off officially August 10th.



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Category: Sim Announcement