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Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 10:27am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Crew's Choice Award for Prospecting

Jake Ford

Technical Medal

Vincent Anjes

For his seamless and enthralling mixture of both Trek tech and Real Life medical procedures and terminology. Though it was the first post that I read from this character, I look forward, with rapt attention, to see what comes next. Excerpt from jp: Vinny shook his head in response. "You're already there, doctor. I'll take care of the eyes, ears and nose stuff. You have fun with those kidneys." Vincent ran a scan from the surgical arm and transferred the images to a screen that was positioned where he could see clearly. The eyes had gross subjuctivial hemorrhaging. He ran an occular scan and then applied applied a minimal setting of the dermal regenerator and passed it over the eyes. This did not erase the bloodshot, but did minimize it significantly. The ears were tricky, as the tempanic membranes are delicate and can not be repaired instantly. He set the regenerator on a repeating setting that would work in small bursts. The scope attachment that was placed into the ear allowed for precise placement. The nose was next. There was a microarterial bleed that was caused by part of the septum being crushed and fragments lacerating the nasopharynx. It took some time to locate and beam out each fragment, but it wasn't impossible. The osteoreplicator was able to rebuild a new septum, but he would be sore for several days.

DeForest Kelley Humour Award

Eden Bowers

Who else would make a huge gross spider a pet? In character, others may see her as flighty (or from a Romulan pov, even more odd and flighty than most humans), but every eccentricity adds to humor and just general delight in the character. I'm never sure what to expect when she's tagged but it always makes me smile, or laugh out loud. reject approve

Plot Development Citation

Michael Burnstein
1st Nomination Cam's contributions to the sim cannot be understated. From tagging with everyone, coming up with new ideas for plotlines and inputting her knowledge from lore, to her unique characters. Plus in the Prospecting storyline Burnie got to blow something up, so yay!
2nd Nomination Without a doubt Cam throws spanner’s in the works often which truly inspire and make things so much more exciting and believable. SS Mary Rose would not be one of the best places to write without the monkey wrenches that can throws.

Captain's Personal Merit

Jake Ford
Jake took on the role of being Rosie’s XO half way through the year and has taken on his responsibilities with pride while being open to change and discussion. Being an XO on a Civilian vessel isn’t easy and we always knew it would be a tough position to fill and maintain but Paul really has strived to do his best while keeping a good attitude both in character and out of character. He keeps the CO in check and is always more than willing to scrub in despite his other fleet duties. Truly everyone should have an XO like Paul.

Civilian Commendation Medal

Nollel Livaam
She was pivotal to the mission plot and a really great addition, not just in that her prior story tied in giving her motive to help. Developing a romantic tie to Burnie that made for some crew friction and suspicion added a nice twist.


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