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Mission 17 - Fractures

Posted on Sat Apr 29th, 2023 @ 6:33pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol
Edited on Sat Apr 29th, 2023 @ 6:34pm

Hi All

As you all know our current mission is and the fact this one is very much at the ending point.

Mission 17 - Fractures

During a mission to support the Fenris Rangers in dealing with a pirate base and some very familiar faces and a familiar ship, a device in the grotto goes haywire.

Time starts to break in different parts of the ship - some regressing to earlier points in the ship's history, others into the future.

Will they be able to complete the mission despite the chaos that has been brought onto the ship?

I want to properly get this mission on its way now as it gives us so many amazing opportunities to get those muses thriving again and offering varied plots. We have prepared a mission guide . That will explain the sons of cheron for people who have not encountered them as well as our past involvement with them.

This is the mission planner where you can sign up for plots or create your own.

Anyone who wants to discuss a plot or has an idea please grab me and we can discuss.

This mission will kick off officially on May 17th to give us time to get stuff sorted .



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