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Crew Choice Awards

Posted on Mon Nov 28th, 2016 @ 11:21pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Hello gang

First off: Happy Thanksgiving or as Shi messaged me Happy Turkey Day for Thursday. I’m English so you can imagine I was very confused and a little hungry thinking about Turkey. I’m a little late but I’ve had a few hospital appointments for bump.

Secondly: As we are wrapping up this mission I just wanted to let everyone know of the awards that people have won for this mission. The only thing I would like to say is I am disappointed with the uptake for the crew choice award in general. It is a shame as it is this groups biggest award and only five people took this opportunity to express recognition of the hard work of others on this simm.

Crew Choice Award – Contagion | Olsam Mott M.D. | ’Playing the Doctor that gets minimal respect is tough and is awesome! Writing with Oslam is fun and being on a non-traditional crew with unconventional characters is a cool way to experience the Trek universe(s) and Oslam does an amazing job with getting involved and being a comic relief!’ Saija Rionuj

‘I have never met a more annoying character in my life, and I love it! The character comes to life in my mind when I read a post from him. He's got my vote.’ Bradon Gordon

Obsidian Fleet Service Citation | Rueben Gregnol, Rokar Quas, Alika Mahone, Winston Havelock the XIX| - Awarded for six month of service on SS Mary Rose

Expeditionary Medal| Rueben Gregnol, Rokar Quas, Alika Mahone, Winston Havelock the XIX, Saija Rionuj, Benjamin Eagleheart, Bradon Gordon, Stardust, Robert 'Finn' Bek & Olsam Mott M.D. | - Awarded for participation in a SS Mary Rose first mission.

Captain's Personal Merit | Alika Mahone | ‘Shi has been nothing but a rock in the unsteadiness that is taking on a simm after not one but two Commanding Officers failed dramatically and I really couldn’t have done much without her especially when we had to change the site over to another pretty quickly. I don’t think I could ever really express my thankfulness so this award will just have to do cause I can’t buy her a beer.’ Rueben Gregnol

Non-Player Character Award| Bradon Gordon | ‘Jim surprised me with the contributions to the simm as a whole none more than his NPC’s - Janet Pearson, Charles Tinsdale & Mark Rhodes. They have a life of their own which is more than can be said for a lot of NPC’s on other simms. He is a credit to the simm in exploring all his characters. Rueben Gregnol

There is still time to add more so please do



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