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First Mission Competition

Posted on Wed Jan 24th, 2018 @ 3:21am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Good Evening everyone

As you might have seen on discord chat we are having a competition this mission. The competition is basically writing a post solo or in the form a joint post with the hearing the voices on the ship between MD 1 -3. You can make it as creepy or not as you want. All I ask is that you put at the beginning of the title COMP::

This is a really good opportunity to explore how your characters feels about ghosts and how they deal with the unknown. If you only have a character in 2246 you can do a post with your character alone dealing with the cloud as that would be creepy as well.

We will be awarding a prize to the winner which will be judged by outside help. I can’t wait to see them.



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Category: General News