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New Mission - Sabotage

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 2:01am by Captain Rueben Gregnol
Edited on Sat May 26th, 2018 @ 7:27pm

Good Evening

As you can see new mission will be starting over next few days. We are going to be doing things just a little differently you will be getting a pm with mission prompts to explore over the course of the mission. Some of you will know this system and I hope will lead the charge on posting and building the plot.

Mission Sabotage
The SS Mary Rose is dead in the water with the warp core offline. No one can figure out why but things just aren’t right onboard her and haven’t been since Azzia. Suspicions and accusations are getting out of hand that there is a saboteur onboard when the ship starts moving again but the helm is locked out.

MD -14 - -1
Character Development. Suspicions brewing over mission prompt items.

MD 01
- Warp Core goes offline
- Crew Meeting

MD 02
- Ship Core comes back online as if my magic
- Crew locked out of helm
- Course projection worked out by helm

MD 03
- Truths revealed.
- Final destination revealed

This is the mission planner where you can sign up for plots or create your own.

Any thoughts or questions please pm me or contact me on discord.



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