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Mission Update - October

Posted on Wed Oct 25th, 2017 @ 2:23am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Good Evening Everyone

As you can see we have two missions running. One is our normal run of the mill mission:

Mission 5 - Liberation

After a few routine cargo hauls the crew of SS Mary Rose start to open up more areas of the ship as the crew grows. After starting repairs on the oldest area of the opening up more work areas for use, the crew start to hear random voices all over the ship repeating the phrase ‘Don’t let it out’. What is it? Why are voices suddenly whispering about it? And worst of all why does the computer suddenly think there are more biosignatures on the ship than there actually is?

You can find much more information in the Mission Guide I have created here as announced before. This is the mission planner . There are already some very good ones on there all ready to be signed up to. Feel free to start those JP’s and get them started.

And the second is a mission for anyone with a Starfleet Officer on the ship from 2243 – 2246 on the USS Ishimura. I have connected you all into a JP already but feel free to go wild there. I am excited about there. Everyone is free to have someone there even if they don’t survive to make it to 2393, it is for fun and character development.

Over next few days I will finish Combustion properly so anything left can you please finish by the weekend or it will be put into Liberation as a backpost.

One other note is if you are not on discord already please come and join us there it is so easy to use and it is the easiest way to message between everyone.

Any thoughts or questions please just message me on discord or pm me on site.



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