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Gold Unit Of Merit Award - October

Posted on Mon Nov 13th, 2017 @ 10:41pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Hey Gang

So awards are done a little differently now, per a change in the Fleet Rules that I might have forgotten to mention or if I did it was on discord in passing. Each Task Force 47 and 72 will now be presenting their own silver and gold medal winners, the bronze award has been gotten rid of. This has happened as they want the Unit of Merit awards to be a well-earned merit for the simm/players who receive it.

With that in mind, we won gold for last month which I am immensely proud of especially with our closing of combustion and opening of our new mission.

This was what they had to say about us:
SS Mary Rose. It’s not often that someone comes along and brings an exciting story, depth of characters and zeal for the writing process. Even more rare is a Gm doing it with a non-starfleet simm. The SS Mary Rose is one such simm and Captain Gregnol is doing a marvelous job. I’m really exited to see what else is in store for this unique simm. Well done, skipper. – MGEN MacTaryn, TFCO.

I’m really proud and reading this at 4am when my baby’s torture tactics have changed was a little bit of a boost. We are obviously on the right track with what we are doing. If anyone has any thoughts or questions on anything please don’t hesitate to contact me on discord or pm on site.



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