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Main Bridge, Upper Navigational Sensor Array, Forward & Lateral Nav Sensors, VIP Docking Port (Docking Port 1)

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description Deck 1 is comprised of the Main Bridge and the V.I.P Docking Bay (Docking Port 1). The Main Bridge is the nexus for all command/control and communications activities for the ship. It is situated at the head of the Computer Core. Within it's superstructure are the forward and lateral navigational sensor arrays, the upper navigational sensor array and two emergency battery banks (cold fusion).

Thanks to one of the previous owners of the SS Mary Rose, who was an avid collector of space antiquities, the bridge is very much fashioned to it's original layout. However they had the sense to retro-fit a more modernized LCARS system (23rd century, blue and green generation) to integrate the SS Mary Rose's more advanced automation systems into the main bridge controls. Thanks to this, nearly all major ships functions can be controlled with minimum crew (5 person), directly from the bridge.