Tour - Deck 15 - Main Engineering

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Warp Drive Engineering Complex (Intermix Shaft Head, Nacelle Energy Conduit, Dilithium Chamber, Nacelle Energy Conduit Split), Flight Control

Additional Information

Description The forward section of Deck 15 is known as Main Engineering. Here the upper end of the vertical intermix shaft branches off into the horizontal warp drive feed conduit and the vertical impulse drive feed conduit. All warp drive functions are controlled from Main Engineering. Directly adjoining this compartment is the Dilithium Chamber, which allows suited personnel direct access to the dilithium crystal array -for alignment and replacement of same during reactor shutdown. Although this chamber has a rotating airlock built into its transparent aluminum bulkhead to prevent Main Engineering contamination, it must not be accessed when the reactor is running. The horizontal warp drive feed conduit proceeds aft to amidships within its own compartment, whereupon it splits into two nacelle feed conduits and proceeds outside of the Secondary Hull to the nacelles. An isolation bulkhead stored within a pocket on Deck 14 can be lowered to cut off Main Engineering from the Warp Drive Conduit Compartment, should there be danger of contamination. Four forward-firing maneuvering thrusters and their four hydrogen tanks, as well as four emergency battery banks link the horizontal warp drive feed conduit. Aft of both is a compartment holding the life-support systems of the Hangar Bay This independent system allows the Hangar to be depressurized and re-pressurized without placing strain on the Secondary Hull's life-support systems. The two aft phaser units adjoin this compartment. Aft-most is the Flight Control Room, which is responsible for coordinating all E.V.A. and auxiliary craft activity and flight plans. This is also the aft Phaser Control Room, and has slaved control of the twin phaser units adjoining it, as well as the four units mounted at the bottom of the Secondary Hull.