Tour - Deck 18 - Atmospheric

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Deflector Beam Emitter, Main Deflector Control, Emergency Environmental Control, Main Environmental Control, Cargo Mid-Bay & Catwalk, Parking Bay 1 (Shuttle craft Parking, Travel Pod Parking)

Additional Information

Description The forward section of Deck 18 consists of the deflector emitter and the inorganic fabricator and defabricator. These are flanked by the port and starboard engineering sensor arrays, aft of which are the water tanks, secondary environmental engineering control room and main deflector control room. Inboard is Environmental Engineering (to which are slaved all Secondary Hull fife-support systems), the auxiliary fusion reactor high-bay and the organic defabricator (which collects waste from the Secondary Hull's downstream plumbing network and recycles it). Aft of this is the Cargo mid-bay, which is encircled by a catwalk, and which holds ninety-six cargo containers at this level. Opening aft of the Cargo Bay are the shuttle elevators and their drives. Opening to the rear From these elevators is Parking Bay 1, which is able to hold four shuttlecraft and six personal transport pods.