Tour - Deck 19 - Cargo Deck

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Fusion Reactor Control, Secondary Hull Bridge, Secondary Sensor Control, Emergency Automation back-ip and Computer Core back-up, Cargo Complex (Cargo Containers (224), Cargo Transporters, Parking Bay 2

Additional Information

Description Deck 19 is usually referred to as the Cargo Deck. The forward section consists of two a redundancy automation control room and backup computer systems, a secondary sensor and deflector control room, four deuterium tanks, the main Fusion Reactor Control, and the second fusion reactor, which can be connected to the intermix shaft via an energy conduit, and can provide power for both the ship's internal systems and the impulse drive (in the event of Main Reactor and primary fusion reactor failure.) The Secondary Hull Bridge is utilized when the Secondary Hull has been separated from the Saucer Hull. The midships section of this deck is the Cargo Deck - a three-deck high bay which on this level holds one-hundred twenty-eight cargo containers. Twin turboshafts run free from overhead to deck. The bay also contains two Cargo Transporter Rooms, one port and one starboard. Aft of the Cargo Bay are the shuttle elevators, opening to the rear of the this space which is Parking Bay 2. This bay is able to hold two Tomohawk and four Talon fighter craft, as well as the attack sleds for the Bees (Hornets and Wasps). Sternmost is the main aft tractor beam, and the two recorder marker-buoy launch tubes.