Tour - Deck 5 - Lodgings

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Main Computer Memory Banks & Core, Turbolift Maintenance Garage, VIP Quarters, Main Crew Quarters, 2 Undisclosed Holds

Additional Information

Description 12 double, 12 single passenger/crew Quarters and 8 V.I.P quarters comprise most of Deck Five, these surround the main computer memory banks and two more undisclosed holds converted from what was once a secondary mess hall (See deck 4 for more information regarding these holds).

To the aft of these is the turbo lift maintenance garage space.

The inner ring of quarters are the V.I.P rooms, which consists of a one double bed in a separate room, a well appointed lounge including a small office area, a private refresher room that includes a head (toilet/bidet), sink/counter, jacuzzi tub, sonic shower and laundry unit. V.I.P quarters can be adjusted to have two sleeping rooms if required, by converting the lounge area.

The Single/Double Quarters, comprising the outer ring, consist of a sleeping room (1 bed or one set of bunk beds) with a closet across from it it. A private refresher room adjoins each sleeping room, and includes a head (toilet/bidet), sink/counter, sonic shower and laundry unit.

Outboard of the single quarters (extending to the rim of the Primary Hull) is a low head-clearance area, reducing from 2.0 to 0.5 meters clearance. This low clearance area holds the life-support systems for Decks 5-7, as well as twenty-four emergency battery banks. The outermost portion of the low clearance area is taken up by the network of air ducts, plumbing lines, fiber-optic cables, and power conduits servicing these three decks.