Tour - Deck 6 - Main Holds

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Damage Control Lockers, Crew Bar, Converted Livestock Holds, Storage Lockers, Water Pumps and Tanks, Impulse Drive and Over-ride controls, Deuterium Tankage, Formal Center, Chapel, Observation Deck.

Additional Information

Description Deck six has been heavily modified from it’s original layout. The crew quarters, rec centers, lounges and mess halls have all been removed and replaced with two large, one medium and two mid-sized holds have been installed. These holds are all modulated, making them easily convertible into storage areas of various sizes and shapes. This is achieved using specialized walling and flooring which is movable. Because of this, each hold has several turbo lift stations. The outer flooring in these holds is removable, allowing the area to become the high bay for the converted holds on Deck Seven. This functions makes it possible to carry both larger cargo and live-stock. These holds can also easily be modified to carry soil, gasses, ore, water and many other forms of materials. Aftermarket Cargo Transporters have been fitted into these holds also, and several gas transfer fittings and airlocks have been added to the outer walls of the saucer section along this deck.

The center section of Deck Six, is comprised of eight water tanks, plus their pressurization system, which feed the upstream plumbing network.

The upper Observation Gallery end high-bay of the Rec-Deck Complex and Bowling Alley are located at the rear of this deck. On this floor of the red-deck, there is a function room utilized for formal social gatherings, diplomatic receptions, and as the ship's Chapel. The Crew Bar is also on this deck having been utilised from the Cargo area that was destroyed in the bombing.

The upper-bay of Impulse Engineering (and the fusion reactor [which can be connected to the intermix shaft via an energy conduit, and can provide power for both the ship's internal systems and the impulse drive] and deuterium tank) is located at the rear of Deck Six. Also four reaction thruster packages (and their hydrogen tanks) are located at the semi-cardinal points. Twelve force-field generators provide defense for the Primary Hull, an upgrade over the original six.