Tour - Deck 7 - Facilities Block

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Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Armory, Security Complex (Brig Cell (8), Control, Lounge, Staging Room), Sickbay Complex (ICU, Morgue and Stasis Lockers, Doctors Office, Convalescent ward, Pathology), Auxiliary Bridge, Computer Archival Memory, Impulse Engineering, Converted Cargo Holds, Converted Life stock Holds, Recreation Center, Environmental Engineering, Computer Archival Memory, Fusion Reaction Control

Additional Information

Description Deck Seven has only half usable space of Deck Six, due to the toroidal concavity on the lower surface of the Primary Hull. The full clearance area is divided into a central circular section and an outer ring section.

The inner ring has sixteen Junior Quarters (Bunk Rooms). These consist of four bunks in a shared room, with a refresher room adjoining which includes a head (toilet/bidet), sink/counter, sonic shower and laundry unit. The refresher room is also shared with a secondary room containing another 4 bunks.

Two 6-person Personnel Transporter Rooms (Which one includes the ships small armory lockers, the Sickbay Complex (including convalescent ward, a small ICU, a small surgery room, doctors office and several labs/storage rooms), the Security Complex (Includes Brig), and the Auxiliary Bridge, which includes a Computer Archival Memory Unit, and independent life-support system.


The outer ring has the lower half of the Rec-Deck Complex - the canter of social activity aboard ship (the Rec-Deck has independent life-support systems for exotic sports utilization - one result is that it can serve as an emergency shelter for the entire ship's complement). Impulse Engineering and Environmental Engineering are located at the rear of the ring, with four reaction thruster packages and their hydrogen tanks.

Also in the outer ring are more converted holds. While smaller than the holds on Deck Six, the modular flooring allows them to be opened up into the adjoining holds above, in order to make an expansive storage space, perfect for live-stock and larger items. Some holds on this level include Hull Hatches (Marked HH on blue-print), which can be accessed by workbees via external hatches opening out to the lower hull surface. The larger hull hatches open via progressing through Deck 8, while the smaller hatches are open directly into space. While the large hatches include control rooms, the smaller hatches must be controlled via the bridge or through the Workerbee consoles.

As a note, in order to fit the holds, the four Primary Hull landing pads and their articulation, units were removed. The SS Mary Rose is not able to land on a planet surface any longer.