Tour - Deck 8 - Automation

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Dorsal/Primary Hull Lock, Phaser Control Rooms, Evacuation Transporter, Airlock Complex (Airlock, Lower Hull Hatch, Staging Room, Maintenance Workshop, Damage Control Workshop, Damage Control Locker), Communications Bay, Astrophysics Lab, Standard Lab, Saucer Hull Automation Control Room, Phaser Control, Computer Core.

Additional Information

Description The center section of Deck Eight is taken-up by the Communications Bay, which houses the four communications stations, as well as the main computer's four central processing units. Towards aft and outboard are four labs, two which remain intact and contain experimental chambers and consoles. The other two have been converted to house the SS Mary Rose’s complicated automation systems and cores, which enable a crew of only 5 to run a ship usually taking a minimum of 100 officers. Forward and outboard are the two Airlock Complexes, which include the ship's main airlocks and Docking Ports 2 & 3. The Primary Hull Maintenance and Damage Control Workshops. Between and beside the Airlock Complexes are the three Phaser Control Rooms, which are adjacent to the three pair of phaser units on this deck and have slave control of them, as well as the phaser units on Deck 4. Also on this deck are two 22-person Evacuation Transporters, plus eight emergency battery banks and the life-support systems for Decks 8-10. The dorsal section of this deck has the four pair of explosive bolts which lock the Dorsal Pylon to the Primary, and has the head of the vertical impulse drive feed conduit Engineering Core.