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New Ship, New Adventures

Posted on Wed Oct 18th, 2017 @ 8:27pm by

Hal took out a recorder he had with him as he sat in a shuttle on his way to his new posting.

"Begin personal log, continued year 2246. Well todays the day. I traded in my gray shirt for a beige one, and all the responsibility that goes with it. On the Shinmin I was " Cadet Nobody" basically" he laughed a little. "Taking orders I'm used to, been doin' it all my life. To be sure as an Ensign I'll be doing my fair share of taking orders. But now I'll be giving some. Don't mind telling you, I'm as scared as I can ever hope to be."

There was a semi long pause as he collected his thoughts

"Oh where was I. Oh right. Shinmin was a great ship. Learned a lot there, but I was a small fish in the pond. Now I am a slightly bigger fish being watched by even bigger fish in a great big ocean. It's a little daunting, But like the Old earth song says, "I will survive" End personal log entry."

He put up his recorder and continued to enjoy the ride.


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