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Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 1:37am by T'esh'ia zh'Solom'aa (Tesha)

Mission: Mission 12 - Railway
Location: Freecloud
Timeline: Backpost
522 words - 1 OF Standard Post Measure

Tesha sat alone at a corner table in a tavern, sipping from a mug. For the last two years, she had worked on freighters and other civilian vessels, offering her skills as a doctor, in exchange for payment, food, and a place to stay.

Unhappy with the direction her life was going after being tossed out of Starfleet when she was unjustly accused of the death of a patient, she never stayed very long on one ship before moving on to something else. Now, she was on a planet called Freecloud, where it seemed there would be new opportunities for her.

Carefully watching the other patrons, Tesha noticed a Human man at the bar that seemed to be studying her. When their eyes met, he picked up his drink and moved towards her.

"May I join you?" said the man, pointing to an empty chair.

Tesha looked at his face, her antennae moving in slow circles. She motioned to the chair.

"My name is Jack." He paused while he sat, apparently waiting for a response. Getting none, he continued. "What are you drinking? Can I buy you a refill?"

"Hot apple cider, with a dash of cinnamon," said Tesha.

Jack chuckled. "Interesting choice. I didn't know they served that anywhere on Freecloud."

"They don't, but I have the replicator pattern stored on a PADD," said Tesha.

"Ah, that's clever." Jack drank from his glass.

"So what do you want, Jack? You're starting to annoy me."

Jack seemed amused at the direct comment. "I'd like to offer you a position."

"What kind of position?"

"Have you heard of the Fenris Rangers?"

"A little," said Tesha.

"They could use a good doctor. The pay is decent, too."

Tesha scowled and her antennae leaned slightly forward.

"Andorians are uncommon in these parts," said Jack. "We also have people that... investigate."

Tesha had a mix of emotions running through her, but in the end, curiosity won. "What kind of investigating?"

"It might be that there's a certain Andorian doctor that was kicked out of Starfleet that needs employment. The Rangers can offer that, to a certain Andorian doctor, if one were available."

Tesha wasn't sure what to make of this. She had done a lot of traveling the last two years, visiting quite a few places. Was she being naive thinking no one would learn who she was or what happened to her? Whatever the case, she wasn't in a good mood about it. She hoped to one day clear her name, but for the present, she just wanted to live the path her life was on now.

"I don't want to take much of your time, so think about it for awhile," said Jack. "If you're interested, and if you want the job, talk to the bartender. He knows how to reach me." He finished his drink and stood up. "Apple cider, with a dash of cinnamon. Maybe I'll try it some time." He chuckled and walked away.

Tesha watched Jack until he left the bar. This wasn't something she expected, but she had some investigating of her own to do before making a decision.


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