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Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2021 @ 5:38pm by Commander Kaleetha Sloan (*)

Mission: Holoworld
Location: Holoworld
Timeline: MD -10 20:40
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Kaleetha slowly walked into the lounge and smiled as someone waved to her across the huge lounge where guests could mingle. She weaved through the crowd on precariously high heels and sat gracefully next to the Marine Commanding Officer from the USS Hawk. Her dress was white which was startling against her dark hair and her favourite pink heels. He had invited her as a thank you for the enjoyable beach simulation they had enjoyed several days ago but she had yet found a moment to agree but she could not put it off forever. The man was like a bloodhound but it was worth it to finally check out the lounge.

“You look lovely Commander,” Thomas Walker was a man in his late 30’s said with a smile as he looked her over. There was something that intrigued him about her. Maybe it was the fact she had huge connections to Starfleet’s exploration history? Maybe it was the fact she had something a little off about her? But he was determined to get to know her a little bit better if he could on his vacations.

Kaleetha sat down as the nearest waiter brought over her usual requested drink of a blue lagoon cocktail. “Thank you.” She said politely to the waiter who nodded simply.

“Why do you thank them?” He said watching as the hologram moved off. The ship was fitted with holo emitters throughout so apart from turbo tubs and the inner workings the whole ship could be run by Hospitality Holograms or the variants of them if need keeping the crew numbers down.

“Because they are still doing a job and it is a good manner to do so to whoever to do so,” Kaleetha replied wondering if this was something to do with due to the ban on synthetic lifeforms. Some people just did not like anything that was breathing. “I would hate to do it to something living and breathing one time because I got out of habit. My mother would never forgive me.” Her mother was stern about manners and thanking for every single thing. Life was not just about you but also about the world around you and the thoughts and deeds you did.

“Mothers are not here. They serve a function just like a warp core or bio bed. You do not thank them.” He said simply making Kaleetha sigh into her cocktail. Yes, defiantly one of those that could not move on from the mars disaster or see the bigger picture. Holograms had been declared safe. And the Science Officer was sure if an Emergency Medical Hologram was all he had to offer medical assistance he would take it. She shook her head letting him see it as she looked around. “It is a beautiful choice of venue.” He said sensing her mood had shifted due to his words. The humongous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling dance in the flickering light upon the limestone floor of the huge space. Despite the huge space it still felt cosy and far too intimate for the science officer.

“Yes, it is nice. I thought you might like it.” He said glancing around himself watching a couple in one of the luxuriant balconies that were all around them for a moment before he looked back at the woman noticing her pointed ears. Was she part Vulcan? Sloan? No that meant she had Romulan blood in her and was a direct descendant of Michael Sloan. Well, that would be interesting to spend the night with a Romulan.

"Jolan tru Kaleetha" A voice vocalized behind them. Kaleetha turned to see Junsiuk and Nuthee watching her intently. They were part of a delegation that was onboard. She did not ask from which Romulan group as it was not her business. What did it matter to a science officer if they were D’Nneikha Lleis Rihan or Kreh’dhhokh Rihan? To some, it might be an issue or a need to know which one but to her it was nothing to do with her, even if the pair seemed very interested in her. "May we join you?" Junsiuk said in standard noticing the human with her.

Thomas Walker looked up at the pair as they asked if they could join a little annoyed, he was determined to get to know the younger woman without interruptions. Maybe he should have invited her to his quarters after all? “Please.” He said indicating the chairs despite how furious he felt inside over the interruptions to his night and the fact she was getting away from him.

“Thank you, Mister?” Nuthee inquired as she sat opposite the man looking him over. He looked furious which amused her more. Humans were so trivial sometimes and could barely contain anger.

“Major Walker. Starfleet Marines.” Thomas answered rising. “Would you like drinks?” He wondered taking orders before stomping off to the bar.

“He does not like holograms,” Kaleetha explained as he walked straight past the hologram assigned to that area as if they were invisible.

"I didn't realize the Major was your type," Nuthee probed without hesitation. She had been interested in the woman since spotting her. It was not often that they met half-bloods nor someone with such ties to their espionage past. Her ancestor had been one of the few people who had successfully been turned into a spy and had been so good at it he had been lost in space among the crew of the ship he had been serving on. It took some endurance and stamina to live among non-Romulans continuously even if they had been living a false life for a long time beforehand. She had always had Junsiuk with her on these excursions from home, she never felt that longing for home now as she had home with her.

Kaleetha laughed softly and shook her head. “I’m the sacrificial lamb so to speak… he has been bothering for a drink for a couple of days since we attend the same simulation. I thought better to appease now and get it out of his system before he becomes a pest.” The woman revealed, speaking in Romulan. It was not perfect but the pair were looking at her so interested.

“He very much does not seem worthy of your time.” Junsiuk nodded before he looked down and noticed the glass on the table vibrating first a little then a lot. The ship never vibrated or even gave any hint that they were moving. “Wha…” The words were cut off as the ship shifted and the table between them all shifted to the left as they fell to the right as the ship lurched more and more. Kaleetha grabbed onto a pilar that was not glitching with the holo emitters not able to compensate fast enough and pulled herself into a more steady position as she slipped her shoes off for better balance and to be able to move. She made a move to grab the Romulans but they could not be reached as the ship felt like it was diving. Were they crashing? That was the last thought the woman had as the holograms faded around her and everything went blank.


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