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Alexander Away

Posted on Tue May 10th, 2022 @ 6:21am by Jeassaho Kea (*) & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Laurier Cami & Liha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Adrift
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: MD-01: 2300Hrs
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With main power basically nonexistent and the backups barely maintaining life support, the small engineering crew faced an uphill battle to even get to the shuttle bay, never mind complete all the necessary works and hookups to implement the proposed plan. It was reaching the point where they were even having to consider whether environmental suits would be needed to complete the work and make it back to the rest of the crew safely.

"Always wanted to work on this thing," Cami said, jogging towards the unusual shuttle. "Wish it had been under better circumstances, right?"

Jeassaho said nothing for a long moment as she tried to control her breathing or more precisely catch it so she could focus. “Let’s just hope it flyable.” Jeassaho trying to not think on Robertson and the way he died. It was still deeply rooted in her nightly dreams.

"It better be," Liha replied shortly. She and Burnie had both helped get it back in shape and the only way it wouldn't be flyable would be if Robertson's extra tinkering destroyed something. It was possibly an uncharitable thought given that he was dead, but not speaking ill of the dead was a human thing; Liha didn't see why she should suddenly think better of anyone just because they had been stupid enough or unlucky enough to die.

"We should have about 2 hours of good air down here, but be ready to go environmental suits. I can deal with a lot less oxygen than you two, so if you start feeling it don't wait because I'm not," Liha advised putting the helmet to hers down out of the way. She was of course in the suit itself as she wasn't sure the ship's AI would respond to them and if it didn't, she'd be piloting. Even if it did, she needed to be sure the tractor beam and shield extension were set up correctly, so she'd be doing an EVA back to the ship from the shuttle. Honestly, if not for the need for back-up for that part she'd have been just as happy to handle the whole thing herself. "Okay, I'm going to check the tractor assembly. Whichever of you the ship AI is most likely to know and like, bring it up and explain the situation."

"Probably not me. Captain's wife is a better shout," Cami said, nodding at Jeassaho. "I'll handle the bay controls; we'll need a manual jump to open the doors without power."

Jeassaho sighed and pulled herself up to her full height breathing slow enough to speak. “Whimp.” Jeassaho commented on as she climbed up into the cockpit. “It’s a shame really as this ship would make a lovely ship for someone responsible and wanting to use it for someone other than bounty hunting. Rebecca are you active?” Jeassaho called.

"Good Evening." The not-quite-human voice intoned. "I recognise you as Jeassaho Kea, wife of Reuben Gregnol, Captain of the SS Mary Rose. How may I be of assistance?"

“Well there is an ongoing situation that we need to use this ship for.” Jeassaho started as she sat in the pilots chair for the moment started pre flight. “Looks good Liha!” She called out as the hologram appeared next to her.

"Good," Liha called back, and climbed into the shuttle. "Otherwise we'd be cutting it close on making her flight worthy before the storm hits." She looked at the AI. "I'm going to need access to controls so I can optimize power balance between the tractor beam and extending shields to protect Rosie."

"I see. Controls released." The hologram looked at the two of them expectantly. "Where is Micheal?" she asked after a moment.

Jeassaho paused in her working and looked at the hologram confused. It had been three months surely Reuben would have explained or something. “He is gone,” Jeassaho said simply. She was not the best person to explain death to anyone. “… and is not coming back.”

There was hesitation from the AI, if only for a second. "Understood. I had not detected his presence for 97 days. This presents an error in my ownership files. I believe that in the event of this occurrence, I am designated to be reassigned to a Dixoho Saa." She twitched again. "Dixoho Saa is not detected on board the Mary Rose. I shall default to the current user. How may I be of assistance?"

"Dixoho Saa is indisposed," Jeassaho said quickly as she glanced at Liha knowing the woman would be the better to explain it how she wanted it. "Tell her what you need whilst I pull out items that we need," Jeassaho said already moving to grab out the stuff she knew was Dixoho and if she ever woke up she would want it. The young woman could not be left with nothing to build her new future on.

Like most Romulans, Liha had an almost instinctive discomfort with AI's, but 'needs must' as humans said. "Rosie's systems are down and there's an ion storm coming. We have to use this shuttle to tow her out of the worst of its path and get to a place where we've identified the natural resources we need for repairs," she explained briefly. "The question is whether you can pilot for that or if I need to stay on the shuttle and handle that."

"Processing." The hologram twitched. "Shielding levels inadequate to protect humanoid physiology from ion storm. Estimate limited probability of pilot survival." She looked at the two women. "I will carry this out independently."

Jeassaho could not help but be a little relieved that the woman was not going to be out there alone trying to fly through an ion storm. “Good. I will tell Burnie and Ford.” Jeassaho said already pulling out her communicator as she grabbed out more items now she knew that Liha would not be staying onboard.

"My physiology isn't humanoid," Liha noted tersely. "Which is why I'd be the one to fly if you couldn't. But since you believe you can, these are the coordinates we're we need to get to." She tapped them into the console. "Now, I need to work on making shield extension viable without compromising the tractor or this shuttle. I know it'll press design specs, but we'll set up monitoring and keep an eye on things, so we'll know if you're starting to into trouble" And we'll have an over ride, just in case you go psycho like those AIs on Mars.

"I shall assist you-" The hologram saw Liha's face darken at the suggestion. "By adjusting the impulse drive intakes to manage the storm currents."

"We do not know what added extras are involved as well but it should be pretty simple to extend it." Jeassaho commented on as she returned communicator clipped to her belt open so Burnie could hear everything.

"We brought everything we might need," Liha agreed, beginning to access the controls and get a detailed look at the shuttle's current state. "Shouldn't take too much - a couple patches, an over ride here and there to prioritize keeping the tractor engaged... Cami, how are you coming with the bay doors?"

"Starting to think I might need a bit of that 'superior strength' you're always talking about!" Cami called back, wrestling with a manual override crank that hadn't been used in decades. "Either that or a really big hammer, if you have one?"

“I will go and help her do it. Keep doing what you are doing.” Jeassaho sighed and moved through to where the woman was struggling with the crank and between them they both managed to pull it down. “Seized up with lack of use. At least that is a good sign that it’s not been used in a long time.” She said positively trying to be bright and breezy to put everyone at ease.

"Let me know if you need actual strength," Liha called. She was well into shuffling power balances and adding fail safes, but it would only take a moment for her to step out and yank a lever.

“Do not worry. The Betazoid has it. I look or defenceless but the Captain did not marry me just for my looks.” Jeassaho called winking at Cami.

"You sure?" Cami grinned back. "Manual override is set. We should clear out soon, or it's going to get really really cold in here very quickly..."

“Come on and of course I have other skills.” Jeassaho said returning to the shuttle to put her suit helmet on. It was going to get cold and airless soon with the door opened. “Finished in here?”

"You are. Go," Liha said, waving them toward the ship doors. She moved her helmet onto her hip. "I'll be out soon."

The engineer narrowed her eyes and nodded. “Five minutes or I come back.” Jeassaho warned looping her arm through Cami so she would not stay.

With that, Liha returned to her programming, adding the last pieces as the others departed. Looking at the AI, she pointed to two 'buttons' on the console. "I've set the commands to initiate tractor beam here, and shield extension here. Can you manage those or do I need to go with you?"

"I will be...fine." There was a fraction of hesitation in Rebecca's artificial tone. "I calculate a high probability that my systems will not be able to fully withstand the forces present within the ion storm." Another pause. "Please inform Dixoho Saa that it was my honour to have been able to assist." There was a finality to that statement. Like the computer knew what was about to happen, and was accepting of its fate.

Liha inclined her head a precise degree in acknowledgment. She recognized honor (even if the idea of an AI advanced enough to understand the concept sent chills down her spine). "We will be monitoring and can take over remotely if necessary," she explained. "But if you do not survive, I will be sure to relay your statement to Dixoho."


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