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After The Time, After The Place Part 1

Posted on Sat Mar 24th, 2018 @ 1:50am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Vulcan
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2241

Her chest and stomach rose and fell rapidly as she gazed up at the high ceiling through glazed and confused eyes as she didn’t recognise the ceiling. It wasn’t her mother’s house back on earth, or her old family home or some ceiling at the Academy. She felt hot and cold all at the same time which only stood to confuse her more as Vulcan was hot. She blinked as something cool dripped onto her lips, her eyes drifting down and focusing on the glass of water resting near her lips. His eyes darted towards the Vulcan holding the glass – Her husband.

"You must rehydrate," Tevir urged her, his eyes dark with an emotion normally well hidden away. There was a gentleness to his touch that belied his strength, which he had already shown only a short time ago. "If you want something else, I believe there is fresh kasa juice as well." He paused, sitting beside her on the bed, wearing nothing more than a thin robe, which was more to preserve her modesty than his own. "Do you require anything else, my wife?"

"I am fine with water. Thank you. I understand to keep fluids in me in order to prevent dehydration." She drank the entire glass before slowly sitting up holding the thin sheet to her body. She took the glass to refill it several more times to be sure that she did not dehydrate.

"Ka'See..." Tevir almost, almost sounded exasperated as he took the glass from her. "I am your mate, it is my duty to look after you. To make sure you remain well, and in good spirits. I am aware of your anxiety but I assure you there is nothing to be afraid of. You are as consumed as I am..." He paused and studied her for a moment. "You are a strong woman Ka'See, very strong." He gave her a ghost of a smile, a special smile reserved only for her. "Perhaps I should be concerned, that you will not break me?"

The woman wanted to argue that her name was Cassie but the man was studying her so intently and had a barely visible smile. "It is the human in me." She said softly her voice barely more audible than a whisper. It was unnerving to her that this man, the son of a councilmember wanted to marry her a science experiment to see if Humans and Vulcans could breed and the children survive to adulthood.

"You do not have to fear me, my wife." He reached up and gently, using just his index and middle finger, caressed her cheek. Setting the glass aside, he carefully pushed her back onto the bed and leaned over her. "You are beautiful, has anyone ever told you that?" he asked as he peered into her eyes.

"Yes..." She whispered back as he pressed her back onto the bed the sheet and robe between them. She didn't want to be dishonest, this wasn't her first time but it certainly was different from any experience she had, had before.

He leaned down further until their noses touched. "Are you afraid?" he asked curiously, "of me...are you afraid of me?" There was no need for her to be afraid. Carefully, he started to tug the sheet away, there was no reason to stall except he needed her to know.

"No Tevir I am unafraid of you." That was the one thing she wasn't feeling right then and there as he tugged the items between them away. There were more urgent thoughts and the thought of a human that kept trying to invade her burning thoughts.

Skin now barely touching skin, he hovered over her. "Good," he whispered, "because there is no reason to be." He leaned down, kissing her fiercely, sweeping her up in strong arms as his brief moment of lucidity went right out the window.

Cassie didn't know how long the Fires claimed them both as suddenly all sanity, the one she just enjoyed and the one that carried her inimitably through the wedding fled again. It wasn't until she found herself staring at herself in the mirror that the cloud lifted.

Tevir didn't know either, nor did he really know what to expect on a duration. The taboo on the subject was too great, so great that no-one discussed it. He walked up to Cassie and stood behind her, marvelling at her reflection. He was a good head taller than she so he could easily see both their reflections. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he regarded themselves in the mirror. "Do you require a healer, my wife?" he queried, his tough featherlight as his fingers brushed over a dark bruise on her upper arm.

She turned looking up at him surprised by the height difference suddenly as she stroked him from temple to jaw and from fingertip down the palm before stepping back bumping into the sink behind her. “No… I am not as weak as you think I am husband” She had looked away to the mirror searching herself again trying to see if there was anything else bruised.

"I apologize...I did not mean to imply that you are weak." He turned sideways to examine himself. "You are not the only one who is bruised," he commented dryly, indicating the claw marks that ran across his shoulders. "Perhaps...we can heal each other, without the intervention of a healer?"

Cassie turned hearing his words as his head moved away from her back just enough for her to notice it. She glanced at his shoulder and blushed, the heat rising to her cheek instantly as she remembered just how insatiable she had been. “I apologise as well.” She said simply turning back to the sink again to avoid his gaze. "Maybe." She said gently as only blushed more. Her father was right Johnathen would never been able to deal with this, deal with her in Pon Farr.

He met her eyes through her reflection and made her look up at him again. "A Vulcan in Pon Farr may not be held accountable for his or her actions," he stated sagely, "you do not need to apologize. It is likely to happen again during future cycles, we will manage just as we have managed now." Tilting her face up as he turned her around, he leaned down to kiss her. "Would you like to return to bed, or is there anything you desire to do?"

“Then I am forewarned about any future events.” She murmured as he kissed her and she found herself responding in kind. The woman had never felt anything like it. It was like being together seeing each other at that moment and not just physically, the bond was something else. She wondered now if the bond had been what had prompted her to suggest a trip to Vulcan.

"What would you like to do now?" he asked softly, circling his arms around her.

The woman felt her face change temperature again as she realised he was asking again, heating up which she didn't quite enjoy and her face began to change colour. "I don't know." She admitted softly.

"What do you normally do, when you are home?" Tevir asked in an honest effort to just make her feel comfortable, make her feel at home.

"Do you think it is over?" She wondered looking up at him confused as he wrapped his arm around her stomach and hip protectively. She hadn't thought a Vulcan male would ever be she couldn't find a word to describe him but he was different from how she had seen her parents act.

"I do not know Ka'See, this was my first Time. I honestly do not know. I do not even know how much time has passed, all I have had thought for, is you. A desire to be with you, a need for you and you alone. You are my mate, it is my duty to look after you, to provide for you. But I would never keep you from doing what you desire to do. I do not own you Ka'See. I cherish you, but I will not keep you here if you want to go. You will come back to me when the Time comes again."

Her arms drew him closer and her body curled around him more seeking comfort and to avoid his gaze that didn't really need to see her eyes to know her worries. "I didn't know that." She admitted having put in her LOA from Starfleet as her father's instruction.

"You do now." feeling her burrow into him, he smiled. "Back to bed?" he suggested gently, already trying to steer her back to the bedroom.

"No..." She said becoming alert again despite the heat coming from him. "I need a moment. Can I have a moment." She covered herself a little looking away.

"Of course." He hugged her briefly before stepping away, leaving her alone in the bathroom. "I will make us something to eat. What would you like to have?" He called over his shoulder.

“I don’t know. Something easy.” She answered quickly as she returned to staring at her reflection trying to see something there but not knowing what it was. She knew she looked different from most Vulcan females with long hair like hers was but what made this man go through with there marriage.


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