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Breaking the News

Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2018 @ 9:28pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Deacon Kane & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Captain's Office
Timeline: MD02 01:00

Normally Deacon would have assumed the Captain would have been sleeping by this point in, but this wasn't a normal day. Sure enough, the door to the man's office was open and the light was on. Knocking on the door, "Captain, Have a minute?"

The man was looking over an old paper chart spread over the desk with Uhin and Offermans as they tried to work out some operational matters. "Come in more the merrier. Coffee?" He said seeing now exhausted and pale the Chief Engineer looked.

"Thanks, Boss." Deacon replied grabbing a cup and pouring himself some liquid gold.

Jasper wasn't fairing any better than Deacon. Dark patches were beginning to form under his eyes for the very same reasons. He had seen the Engineer enter and glanced around the corner into the office, "room for one more?" Offerman was trying to make light of the subject but he really wasn't feeling all that chipper.

"Here Jasper-man." Deacon nodded extending the cup he just poured to Ops Officer and pouring himself another, then looking at Reuben right in the eye said "I can give you the long version or the short one but someone's screwing with us skipper. I can give you the long version or the short one, but it all leads back to Transporter room 3 on deck 7." Glancing at Jasper added, "And I think our Master of the LCARS may be able to back me up."

Jasper nodded, "well it's been a long time since I was any master of the LCARS but there is evidence that someone has tampered with things."

The Captain wasn't surprised when Deck 7 was mentioned. It had was starting to become apparent that the ship was finished with spilling out its history just yet. "That bloody transport room." The Captain muttered his accent more pronounced than normal. He pushed off from the old-fashioned solid wooden table going to the old wall LCARS on the screen pulling up deck 7 plans. "I've sealed that area off since you guys came out of it. Obviously doesn't stop anyone going in and out but no work has been done."

"At any rate sir, we're going to have to get in there." Jasper let out a sigh as he prepared to take a sip, 'I don't know what we're going to find but the words sabotage seems to fit."

"I agree with Jasper, something's going on down there, even if it turns out to be a red herring we still need to take a look." Deacon added.

"Whether it is a red herring or not," Valiyi began, "I would personally much prefer we check it out, as if it does not lead us to our saboteur, it may lead us to other answers about the ship and former inhabitants." Her gaze flickered over to Jasper for a short moment. "... So if there is anything I can do to aid you in your efforts, I will facilitate where I can."

The Captain sighed and sat down and leaned back in his chair thoughtfully and rubbed the nape of his neck awkwardly as he remembered all the events that the transport room had created so far on his ship. “Fine… Now or are we going to get some sleep beforehand?” He wondered.

"I would say the sooner the better," Jasper said taking another sip. He shook his head as he continued, "not sure how good I will be at cracking the code until I get some sleep but if we wait who knows what else is going to happen."

"Someone better wake the Security Chief then and tell him to meet us on Deck Seven." The Captain didn't like this at all but he knew Jasper was right even if his body language said differently that he just wanted to sleep just like the rest of them. They would look over the old transporter room and then go to sleep - Captains Orders.


Jasper Offerman
SS Mary Rose

Deacon Kane
Engineering Chief
SS Mary Rose

Reuben Gregnol
S.S. Mary Rose

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose


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