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Once an Ass...

Posted on Thu Aug 16th, 2018 @ 10:27am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD -02 15:00

Cassie was pretty sure this meeting wasn’t going to go well at all but she had to be the bigger person. Time had moved on from his way of thinking, Vulcan accepted half Vulcans without question. She carried some clothing and toiletries in her arms as she trudged into sickbay. “Hello...” she greeted hopeful that he would appreciate the familiar face.

Lyras blinked as he looked up, his face becoming a stoic mask even as his eyes hardened briefly. Still, if this ship was having Romulans on board then of course it'd be carrying hybrids. Even so, his disapproval was so ingrained, he had no other choice but to be hautain about it. He didn't know how. "Miss McAvoy," he greeted stiffly, "what are you doing here?'

“It’s Anderson now.” She told him calmly as she lay the items at the end of the bio bed. “Well I thought a familiar face no matter how unwelcoming it was in 2246 might be welcomed in 2395.” she said with a shrug. It was his problem if he still thought badly.

"So you went through with it after all then," Lyras commented back, glancing down at the back of the bed. "What are those?" he queried.

"Clothes and toiletries." The woman answered back. 150 years and the man still had the attitude towards her when she had been nothing but herself around him. How could she be hated for being herself?

"Thank you." Why was the woman here? Why did she seek him out? Lyra's studied her for a moment. "Why do you do this?" He asked plainly.

"Because we are crewmates Doctor." What other reason could there be? Was he that thick that he couldn't see that. "There are only six of us that survived to make it to this time so we look after each other. No one else has had that experience."

"Only six survived?" The Vulcan's expression changed. "I do not even remember going in the transporter. I barely remember what happened. What did happen?"

"I don't know how you got to the transporter room but the Captain ordered us onto the transporter. He set us in a loop and one hundred and fifty years later we were found by this crew." She said softly. Some people had woken up straight away whilst others didn't.

"How many are now awake?" He asked, still feeling very displaced, "and where are we exactly? I saw a Romulan earlier, and a Klingon but nothing made any sense...Romulans and Klingons working together?"

"Four. You, me, Lieutenants Anderson and Offerman." She said softly. No one else had woken up apart from that. They were all physically fine but for some reason just not waking up. "We are on a former Starfleet vessel now Civilian ship. There is so much you need to catch up on but take your time. There is a PaDD in the stuff I have you gotten for you."

Lyras still couldn't understand why she did this but he was grateful anyway. "I want to get up and explore," he said, "how long before you could do so?"

"A few hours but I woke up straight away. I was in a coma or anything." The hybrid reminded him. It wasn't more than a few hours tops before she woke up and was able to make sense of some of the stuff that was going on.

"I do not know why I took longer. I do not remember going in, I have no recollection of what happened. Though I would like to remember." He sighed as he sat up. "Do you think the doctor will let me leave?"

"You are not the only one Doctor." Cassie would be nothing but polite to the man despite he rudeness previously to her. She would take the higher road. "I am not sure you will have to ask Doctor Mahone as he is in charge of your care. The Captain of this vessel was lucky enough to find a specialist who was looking for his sister at the same time."

"Who is whose sister," Lyras asked curiously, sitting up further, "I have only seen a Romulan and a Klingon who served as linguist. I have not seen a doctor Mahone. You are only the third person I have seen since waking up."

"As I just said Mahone is the doctor that Gregnol employed to look after the crew that slipped into comas when we were released. We were lucky enough to stumble across him." She said very patiently as she shook her head. Patience was a virtue she had in abundance and it seemed that she would need it to explain things to him.

Lyras shrugged. "If you say so. That still does not answer the question of whether I can get up or whether I should wait."

"That isn't down to me. You will have to ask one of the doctors. I hold no sway over anything in this room." The woman said with a small shrug as she stood up properly. "I am sure with you resting a little more they will let you out. Have you thought on what you want to do now with this new life you have?"

"I am a doctor, that is all I know," Lyras answered uncertainly, "I probably will have a lot of catching up to do." He furrowed his brow. "So many species I know nothing about. So many new...things that were not common back in the day. So many.." He paused, a look of disdain on his face. "..hybrids."

Cassie just looked at him and smirked. "Yes, hybrids." She muttered with a shake of her head 150 years and he was still hung up on that. "You should see what hybrids have done for the universe." She said smugly turning away from the man. It wasn't the time or place to have that discussion.

"They are inferior," Lyras answered, simply because he didn't know any better. The society he'd been raised in looked down on anyone who wasn't purebred. It was simply how he'd been raised, it wasn't personal at all.

"Of course, they are to you but to rest of the universe, they've made a mark just remember that Lyras. You might want to remember that because very soon you might get a short, sharp shock from one." Cassie told him already turned to leave and heading to the door.

Lyras stared after her, wondering what she meant by that. Before he could respond however, she had already disappeared.

Cassie Anderson
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

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