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You Are Not In Kansas Anymore

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Dodian Carli M.D. Psy.D
Edited on on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 8:04pm

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir

It had taken longer for the Nectar to wear off last night than she would ever admit, even now the dim ache of a hangover was affecting her sense. Working on a fitful kip, Selina was finding it just a tad difficult to hide the fatigue and the discomfort grappling her body with tenacious claws. Rest didn't seem to bring her back to normal at all. All these things she could deal with later, right now she needed to face the man who kept walking into her quarters like he had the god given right.

"Rasheen." She greeted as she stuck her head out the door already seeing the man stood there.

"Fenruse," he replied turning his head to look at her. "Rough night?" he asked with a wry smile.

"Wouldn't you like to know." The woman answered making sure the straps of her dress were in the right place. "Anything to report?" She wondered.

"Just that it sounded like a wild boar was being gutted in your quarters last night but everything seems to be in order," he said with a sly smile.

Selina turned around hearing what he said and just smiled sweetly. "And don't you miss it." She whispered coming over to him her hand trailing across his chest before heading down just stopping shy of his belt. "Don't be jealous Masan. You had your chance and you messed up." The Interrogator reminded him.

"What is there to not miss about that?" he replied as he walked back a bit and opened his arms out wide to indicate the body before him. "And don't be so sure of yourself woman, I've had many since we parted ways and my species always plays a long game... what I miss is our combined skill at dissembling information from suspects, interrogating species together as we used too."

The woman found herself laughing softly before she nodded. They worked well together in and outside of the bedroom but Selina needed something more than what he could give her. She had no idea what made Asahi different but he was and she couldn't explain it. "Well, then shall we go talk to the woman that has been waiting for us." Selina indicated for him to lead the way.

"The small doctor?!" He exclaimed, "She is no woman... trust me. She is one to approach with caution." He added. Masan knew that she was one of his own kind but got mixed signals from her like she wasn't from here. She threw his game off but knew she had to be interrogated.

For a moment he stood in front of the doors, his hand hovering over the lock.

"Are you wanting to lock us in here?" She wondered seeing his hand hovering in indecision.

"Shut up," Masan said with a playful hint to his tone.

As they made their way to interrogation he looked over at Seline, "What do we know about this small witch?" He asked.

Selina smirked to herself as they walked in silence to where the interrogation would happen. "Nothing... I rarely know before I get into the room what I need to know." She reminded him. It had been months since they had been in this routine of having to extract information.

Masan grumbled, "You know I hate going in blind to these, but I suppose it will be more fun getting info out of her." He grinned as the door drew ever closer.

"Well you know this isn't a normal situation at all." Selina reminded him wondering if he even knew about her doubleganger that was in a coma not far from where they were. The door opened as the pair stepped towards it letting them inside the brig.

"No I know that but she looks like that assassin we saw years ago on Qo'noS, are we sure it isn't her acting? She killed an entire squad of Klingons..." he said as he looked upon her.

Dodian was cowering slightly as she was chained to a chair. This brought back all too forgotten memories of her 25-year experience as a slave to the Orions but she was trying to hold it together, it was a long time ago. Something you never forget mind you... A light came on above her that made her squint her eyes, she could hear voices but couldn't see anyone. "Hello?" she asked.

"No she came from the ship and we know where the ship came from," Selina commented on as she stepped into the light letting the woman see her. She didn't know if this woman knew her alternative or not but normally faced with a blonde haired woman, not in a uniform normally disarmed most people.

Dodian leant back slightly as the woman made her appearance from behind the dark curtain of the shadows. Her face was familiar but a name was not forthcoming to her lips. Dodian liked to know everyone's names, just in case they came to her with problems. Knowing someone's name when they do not think you know them can bring joy to even the sourest of expressions. "Who are you? You need to let me go! I don't have any information that will be useful to you!"

Selina looked at Masan and rolled her eyes. They always wanted to be let go or something along those lines. "We shall start easily. Where are you from?" She wondered thinking that would give her a greater understanding of this woman and her mind.

Masan smirked, a little chuckle then followed at this pathetic attempt of pleading from the woman.

"I'm not Terran so please just let me go. I know I look like them but truly I am not, I'm an El-Aurian, a doctor and should not be tied up behind a table under interrogation. Surely as a Betazoid you have the ability to know and feel compassion, your people are not like this." she said trying to slip something into the woman's mind. She also knew one of her kin was in the shadows still. Watching. Waiting.

"Get out of my head. You won't like what you find there." Selina said lowly as she felt the woman pressing against her senses.

"What makes you think you'll like what you find in mine?" Dodian asked, at this point, her mind flashed back to her capture by the Orions over a century ago. "If you truly understood El Aurians you'd know we cannot enter your mind, not really. We just encourage others to open up, tell us their desires, secrets. We 'listen'. Our mental abilities are not as superior as yours Miss?" she asked. Deep down she was playing down her mental abilities. True their species didn't have anything like telepathy, or mind reading skills, but their minds were trained from a young age to understand and at time resist the changes of the universe.

"Don't let her in," Masan said quietly into Selina's ear, he could feel the change in the room. The pull of Dodian's mind that would make the most zipped lips open wide.

"You really won't like what I say either Dodian. This isn't your universe... I am not some weak little Betazoid who doesn't know what she is capable of. Your war showed my people there what they could be capable of but we have none for a very long time." Selina said as the chair that the woman was on started to move as if by itself. Only Kita knew that Selina had this type of power in her small form. "Ask your questions and I will ask mine." She said ignoring Masan.

"My war? What war would that be? My people have only ever fought against one race and if you fought against them you'd be dead, or worse..." Dodian replied. She couldn't think that the Borg of this universe was vastly different from hers, or maybe they didn't exist? That'd be nice.

"Dominion war." The woman said with a shake of her head. It was typical of El Aurian's to be so self-centred to not see outside of their own issues. "Bigger war than whoever the borg are I have gathered from your crew's mind."



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