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Timeout For Gregnol

Posted on Mon Jan 7th, 2019 @ 3:13am by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: USS Gaman
Timeline: MD01 18:00

Imperceptible movement is what first perforated the deep well of unconsciousness that Reuben found himself in, he could almost sense people just outside of his reach there watching him as he woke up. He blinked a few times before he woke up and looked around at the stark room he was in. He slowly sat up and leant against the wall still blinking at the white orbs that threatened to send him back into unconsciousness but he needed to first focus on what the hell was going on and secondly find his crew.

“I know someone is out there!” He called as he looked at the solid wall where he knew a forcefield was, this was a brig and he had been Chief of Security once upon a time after all.

From the depths of the room, just out of Reuben’s sight, came a soft voice. “Captain.” Valiyi was delicate with her words, careful to stay just in the shadows. “If you raise your voice, you’ll upset our captors.”

“Captain?” The man said wincing at the bright lights that were still in the room dazzingling him. “Since when do you call me that in a life or death situation?” He hissed at least listening to what she said to him about raising his voice.

“When I have no choice but to be formal,” came the reply. There was a touch of hurt in her voice, as if his suspicions wounded her. “I don't know when they'll let us out, either, or what they want, but they're rather intent on keeping us all here.”

The man sighed softly as he lay back down and put his arm over his eyes struggling to see properly with the light. “Whatever they gave me is killing my eyes.” He admitted thinking on his crew. “Have you heard any of the crew?” He didn’t want to start thinking on Jeassaho and the worry he would feel for her.

“Just Tucker.” Valiyi admitted, a faint hint of concern in her voice. “He seems rather stubborn to the whole affair, but he does not seem harmed. I highly doubt the others would be harmed either.”

The man sighed softly as he struggled to see straight. "Well, he did just try and shoot the fake Dixoho." Gregnol commented on before his eyes went wide as details came to him and he realised a few facts. "It wasn't Saa it was someone else... Was it that shapeshifter that hurt her before?" Gregnol asked still very much drugged up.

"No, absolutely not." Valiyi paused, gears turning in her mind as she reached further. "I expect we will not be seeing that dreadful cretin for quite some time. No no, there was just a terrible mix-up. Our interloper simply took her form to see if there was anyone doing anything illegal - which is why we happen to be in this predicament. They've been asking dreadful questions, but I assured them you'd be able to help clear it all up."

Gregnol stayed silent for a long time to the point that it could have been presumed that he had fallen back into unconsciousness when he suddenly sat up. "What is with all these lights? My head is killing. Do you not mind it?" He demanded scrubbing his face to wake himself up enough. "Illegal? We haven't been doing any of that." It was one of the things Gregnol refused to do, it made him think back to the conversation with Barton and how he had ended up on the ship. "If it was Barton I would say yeah but us no."

There was a long silence. "Barton may have been the lead, and while we have done nothing wrong, it was difficult to determine that without an investigation. I'm sure we'll be able to clear this mess up... we may just have to let our captors know what we know."

"Nothing... I know nothing." Reuben said annoyed by the long silence she gave him. If this was something connected to Barton, Reuben was going to find wherever he was in the penal colony system and give him more to worry about than where he would get his next fix.

"Then that is just something I will have to inform our captors." Valiyi's voice lost its vulnerability, replaced with a resolve. "You've been exceedingly helpful, even if you don't know a thing."

Gregnol slowly turned and looked at the woman. Something in her tone alerted him instantly that this woman, his Executive Officer or whatever she wanted to be called was not. "Who are you?" He demanded wishing he had the energy to sound more demanding.

"I told you exactly who I was," replied Valiyi, voice sounding further and further away. "I suppose you'll just have to think about all of it in your little time out."


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Valiyi Uhin
Chief Interrogator
ISS Gaman
(PNPC Uhin)


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