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Loppsided Grins

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:09pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Mission 9 - Daucina
Location: Valiyi's Quarters, SS Mary Rose
Timeline: MD 2 : 0927 Hrs

Tucker was looking forward to getting some off ship time, the trip over to the mirror universe had not been a pleasant one. They'd survived and were back in the right place and now it seemed they were in a spot where they could get up to some fun. He had an idea, it had taken a little research, but he'd found what he'd been looking for. Now he just had to convince someone else it was a good idea.

After checking locations with the computer, he made his way to the XO's room and hit the chime, waiting for some kind of a response.

The door slid open with its typical 'swoosh,' and a voice from further into the room beckoned Tucker in further. "I'm getting dressed, just give me a moment Mr. Youngblood," Valiyi called out. On top of the table in the small living area rested a small package, opened and emptied of its contents, a small envelope with a Starfleet insignia resting beside it.

"Make yourself comfortable," she continued from the other room. "Our stop to this planet requires me to put on something less... uniform, and I'm merely trying to determine if I even fit."

"Mr. Youngblood?" Tucker arched one of his brows as he walked in and took a moment to take in the room. He noticed the table and what was on it, but figured she'd tell him about it if she wanted. "You suddenly going to be so formal with me? I was going to make good on my promise, make sure you wear some jeans and boots."

From around the corner of the next room, Valiyi's head peeked out in curiosity. She purposefully masked the rest of her form with the wall, "Jeans and boots? Oh, do they have the facilities for that on planet? ... I do suppose they would be seahorses, if that was the case.

"Sea horses?" Tucker asked with a chuckle, as he looked over at Valiyi. "You ever hear of a Bajoran Lopp? It's similar to a horse, I rode a few back where I'm from. Found out one of these reefs has ranch on it, from what I read it's pretty big, plenty of places to ride even if it's all flat."

"... Oh." Valiyi tilted her head to one side, before giving a firm nod. "Give me one quick moment." She disappeared off into the room again, rummaging around for something more appropriate. "I have to admit I may not have a pair of jeans, but I have something similar. Boots, those are another matter. I most certainly have a pair of those."

"Doesn't have to be jeans, just make sure it's appropriate for outdoor type activities."

Before too long, Valiyi emerged from the room, dressed in a lavish, yet appropriate button down shirt, pants that looked a little older than the rest of her immaculate attire, and a pair of Starfleet-issue boots that were likely older than most of the rest of the clothing she owned. "Well, while we're being informal... Tucker." She paused, her expression turning somber. "How are you faring now that we're out of that hideous alternate reality?"

"So you were Starfleet," Tucker said, arching one of his brows as he looked her over. "I'm fairing well enough, wasn't exactly pleasant but we got the hell out of there, that's what mattered. I know others got it worse than I did, lucky me not knowing anything."

"If you count dishonorably discharged for crimes they could not officially find me guilty for, then yes. 'Was' in Starfleet." Valiyi pointed out, tone pleasant as ever. "But - I am glad to hear the brunt of all that managed past you. Reuben mentioned there was an alternate universe version of myself, and I can't imagine what that was like." Her nose scrunched in distaste, before she smiled at him. "Shall we see these lopps?"

"Don't we have a lot in common," Tucker replied as he gave her a once over with a coy little smile. "I met her, she questioned me. Guess they decided I didn't know anything, because I was so new to the crew. She did have this sexy, evil vibe but I doubt I'd want to go ridin' with her. Let's get going."

"Didn't want to, hm?" Valiyi rested her hands on her hips, making a note of his observations before gesturing toward the door. "I believe this is your lead, Tucker."

"Why thank you Valiyi... And yes she was too dark for me, I like it when a girl knows how to use a gun, but not when i think she's gonna git her murder on at every turn," Tucker gave her a charming smile, as he lead her out of her room and started heading towards the lift. "You mind if I call you Val?"

Valiyi's brow rose. "What an intriguing perspective. I wonder if the other you was as cut throat as the rest of that reality seemed to be." As she followed after him, she gave a small smile. Truly, she hated the name, but she was beginning to develop a soft spot for the Rose's Chief of Ops. "... You may call me whatever you wish."

"That's a dangerous thing to say to a man like me," Tucker glanced back at her and gave her a big, sloppy grin. "A beautiful woman like you inspires a great deal of names."

"Oh really?" Valiyi went on, intrigued as they entered the turbolift. "I did not realize I was so inspiring."

"I think it's the human male condition, now I know not all humans fit in the same box mind you, but we can have a very singular focus. There are songs, and poems and paintings all dedicated to beautiful women," Tucker said. "Of course that seems to be a running theme in the galaxy itself."

It took a moment, but Valiyi shook her head. "My dear, I don't believe it is limited to the human race. There are a number of odes on Betazed alone that I distinctly remember my father singing." She rolled her eyes at the thought. Memories that were previously embarrassing to here when she was younger currently held a more fond connotation, but that did not make them any less embarrassing. "But I also think you hold a bias for me. If I didn't know any better, I would think you were buttering me up."

"I do hold a bias for you, I didn't think I was being subtle about buttering you up," Tucker flashed her another charming grin. "I think you're absolutely breathtaking and I'd normally not be so forth coming, but even if you're not listening to my thoughts I think that's obvious."

If at anything, it was likely one of the most obvious things among the crew that she could have noticed. But she did like playing coy. "Oh I thought you were being extremely subtle," she teased, nodding to the lift door as it opened up. "You're much too handsome to be so blatant, Tucker. If you're buttering me up, it won't earn you a raise." She gave him a returned smile, confidently striding through the lift and waiting for him to do the same.

"Might earn you one though darlin'," Tucker grinned as he followed her into the lift. His eyes had moved over her and he was pretty sure she caught him checking her out. "I can be a lot less subtle if you like."

"Oh?" Valiyi turned toward Tucker with a bemused expression. "Is that a promise or a threat?"

"I'll let you decide," Tucker replied coyly. "But you are a beauty, one I'd spend a very long time just admiring."

Tucker Youngblood
Chief of Operations
S.S. Mary Rose

Valiyi Uhin
Executive OFficer
S.S. Mary Rose


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