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Mission: Mission 1 - Bridges
Location: Deck 4 - Crew Quarters
Timeline: MD 10 0315
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"You're never going to get better like that."

The voice was familiar but he couldn't quite place it. It was female, older, but not too old. There was a cold and distant quality to it.

He looked down at his hands and noticed he was bleeding. Was it his blood at all? It was blue, but he wasn't in pain. Just panicked. Like there was something reaching behind him, it's claws groping at his throat.

The room was white, sterile and vacant. Hollow and vast. He felt lost in it and unable to find a way out.

"You have a sickness, you need to submit to treatment."

He finally found a door but it was locked. Quickly, he reached into his pocket and fount a hairpin. He did his best to use his skills to pick the lock. A race against time. But nothing seemed to make any difference. The thing was jammed and even ramming into it with all his weight didn't make it budge. Suddenly, as he reaches up to his face, he finds the source of the blood. He pulled his hand down and noticed several teeth, dislodged from his gums and in his palm, blood streaming from his fingers and into the floor.

He couldn't move. His arms were strapped down and a large, mechanical implement stared him down. It's eye pointed straight between his. What was this? He blinked hard, hoping he could wish the thing away, but it only inched closer and closer. A single red dot blinking back at him as it made contact with his skull.

"Just relax."

He screamed but no sound escaped. Only a constant strain against his face as he squirmed and struggled against his restraints. A buzzing resonated through his head and he clenched his jaw and his eyes. Why couldn't he just wake up. No matter how much he strained, he couldn't seem to pull himself from the deep sleep. Some distant ant vivid articulation of so many memories past.

Then she walked in, in all her radiant glory. A snug black dress against the blaring whiteness. Hugging her soft curves in sharp contrast to the room and the machinery. Why was she here.

"Just relax."

A new voice, warm like honey, trickling down his throat and all over his body. Sending shivers down his spine. Her fingers traced his face and pushed his head back into the table. So sweet and caressing. Why was she here?

"Where have you been?" his vocal cords could work again, chaffed and grating.

"I've been here. Waiting for you."

With delicate hands, she closed his eyes. Just before running thin fingers through his eye sockets. Like marbles, they spun out of his head and into the floor, just staring up at him, on the table, naked and helpless.

In a cold sweat, he sprung from his bed. Unknowing what had just happened, he could only jump in place, panting and facing different corners of his bleak and black room. What lurked in the shadows only remained a mystery.

"Computer, lights."


Erim Gleb
SS Mary Rose


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