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Awkward Ducks Under The Big Blue Sea

Posted on Mon Jul 15th, 2019 @ 5:09pm by Commander Alexis Agrax & Commander Liam Snow

Mission: Cosmos
Location: Seabase
Timeline: MD04 11:25

Alexis looked up at the upper level of the Operations Centre. She pointed up there and started to climb up the ladder that ran along the window edge to allow access when the power failed. “Let's go up.” The upper level boasted panels and holographic displays and generally was crew and staff went to continue their research or preparations away from the general hustle and bustle of the rest of the deck.

“Looks like this was a place for relaxation, comfortable couches to take a break on, and the only replicators on the deck.” Alexis said thoughtfully as she turned to look at Liam. They hadn’t spoken properly in weeks and it left her wondering what was going through his mind.

"That would seem most likely, although they seem unresponsive at the moment." Liam replied professionally as he scanned the area for anything else that may be useful. He tapped a few consoles to see if they came to life but nothing happened. As he reached the corner he came across something that could only be described as 'slime' or residue.

"Come take a look at this." he said as he touched it with his pointer finger and thumb to get a feel for its consistency, he even gave it a little smell. It smelled putrid.

"Don't consider licking it," Alexis said quickly as the slime got close to his face. "I can smell it from here." The woman said sniffing the air as she looked around. "What are you up to? Why come on this mission?" Alexis hissed. He hadn't been on her original list of people at all and then suddenly he was.

"Just something Starfleet Intelligence wanted looked at. I've been here before, years ago now but still, this place gives me the same feelings of unease as it did then. However, you don't say no to Admiral Koslov, not if you don't want to stay buried under this water." he said as if the little joke amused him.

Truth be told they had been doing experiments down here, biological ones previously for Section 31 and now Starfleet Intelligence but they were classified at the highest levels in case anything went wrong. Liam felt eyes on him, they may have just been Alexis' but he felt that the worst case scenario here was the one they were dealing with.

Alexis growled lowly before she shook her head at the man. "Every time you mention Section 31 our lives always become more complicated." She told him with a sigh. It was frustrating that they never did there own dirty work and it was them that paid the price.

"Ah hey now darlin' I never mentioned the S word." he said teasing with his Southern accent coming through. "There are a few 'interested parties' that would rather not be left red-faced if things from here come to light." Truth be told he never cared for protecting people that deserved to be caught. If something here stank, much like that goo, then he'd do what was right over protecting high ranking pencil pushers.

"You are thinking about it," Alexis commented back hating the tone he was using with her. It made it nigh on impossible to be annoyed at him but she needed to. "What exact experiments?" The woman asked looking over the ledge seeing the three working below.

"If it was experiments I was looking into, which I am not saying it is, I would say biological. They did all sorts of creepy stuff down here that even I don't know about. I heard rumours of virology research being done here, they'd found things on the sea bed they wanted to test on 'live' subjects." Liam replied hearing the tone in her voice. He thought it wise to give her a bit of information without confirming it outright.

The woman pressed her badge but nothing happened. Telling the others could wait a few moments until she found more information. Alexis shook her head a little and turned back around to look at him. "You spooks. You never change." She said with a roll of her eyes.

"Well you could say the same for the scientists. They are the little buggers that develop these things. Do nasty work with things that should be well left alone. We just either sanction it, oversee it, or clean it up." he said as he moved to look over at the group below as well. "Let's hope we don't have people to clean up as I fear we may have too..." he added with a touch of foreboding.

"You better be telling me everything, Liam," Alexis said softly as she turned away again and started towards the offices towards the back. It wasn't fun this awkwardness but it was at least getting her some answers.

"I'm telling you everything I can Alexis, without actually telling you anything." he replied as he began to follow her. That's what people didn't seem to understand about intelligence, they could never admit to anything even if it saved the world. Liam was bound by his principles as an intelligence operative, seen to be very trustworthy and someone to rely upon in the field and whereas he would never openly admit or give information he usually fabricated it in conversation to those that knew his cues if he felt it was important enough. "Hey, it's not like we are looking for zombies right? That'd be weird..."

"You used to tell me a lot more Liam. What made us work, you communicated and we worked together." The woman spat back with a roll of her eyes as she nudged her way into the Captain Office. "And you need to stop watching all those films." She added as she shone her light around the pristine space.

"Then I got shot in the head, almost died and got amnesia. Was missing for years and only recently granted my old rank and file back." He stated rather matter of factly. It was the truth, he owned it as best he could but still knew it nagged at others as to what he did during that time. "Hey, I've picked my Zombie apocalypse safe zone out already." He added walking in her. There was a musty smell to the room, old like it hadn't been opened for a while. On the desk were the CO's pip, Liam gestured to Alexis thinking it was quite odd.

Alexis was ignoring the man as he rattled away. Alexis nodded and looked at the pips herself. "How odd hmm?" The woman agreed ignoring the other things he said. They couldn't have that conversation now, it would be pointless.

"Very..." Liam began. "I knew the Captain here and he was very proud to wear those. I don't see any valid reason for him taking them off... usually, you only see this in those that don't wish to be identified or mentally have doubts about their chosen career path."

"You would know." The woman said softly. Her pips were one of the few things she never had doubts about over the last few years. She had done everything she could have done, fighting, drinking, sleeping with admiralty but somehow they had never left her.

"I may have taken my pips off but at least I kept my clothes on." He muttered as he heard Alexis soft tones near him. It was a bit of a low blow so to speak but he was getting tired of her snarky comments. He knew she was hurting but so was he... his pip removal was unfortunate but not done by his own accord really. Amnesia can do bad things to good people.

Alexis pushed for a second his blow hitting low before she shoved him hard and muttered something that the universal translator wouldn't translate but she knew that he would know what she said fuck you in Betazoid. The woman turned and walked out of the office, she would look elsewhere.

"Well done Liam." he said to himself with a large sigh. Usually never one to let his mouth get the better of his mind this time the that had not worked. He decided that it was best to let her cool off after his words, following her now would lead to a fight and he was pretty sure they were evenly matched on that front. Also this was not the time for a brawl on a seemingly deserted underwater station.

Liam moved round the table and placed his small intelligence chip into the Captain's computer and it sprang into life. 'File located - Parasol Project (Lazarus Seabed)' was the file name that came up, and he would need to read through it to see what was going on.

The deck quietened quickly after the heated words and silence resumed until out of nowhere a scream echoed along the deck. It sounded female but far away.

Closing the computer, his eyes closed in disbelief and utter confoundment, he heard the scream from beyond. What the scientists had done here was beyond the natural order of things. According to the files they had been working with a bacteria they had found on the seabed, one that seemed to have regenerative properties. They had found life on the bed of over 200 years old and believe they had the technology to tap in to that. Research reports were promising until people started to express concerns as it went on with how it progressing. With Section 31 getting involved they were pressed into 'human' trials and that's where the entries end.

Liam rushed out of the office and grabbed Alexis' arm. At the point what they'd just fell out over was immaterial. "Lexi, we need to regroup. Now." his voice was harried, somewhat alarmed. This was out of character for him, but this wasn't a usual situation.

Alexis turned and raised a hand to swipe him away but saw the look on his face. "Okay..." Was all she mumbled letting him lead her back to where the others were with the PADD of information she had in her hand.


Commander Liam Snow
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Carli)

Commander Alexis Agrax
Chief Of Security
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Gregnol)


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