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Permission to Disembark

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 2:24pm by Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Temperance
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 02 10:00

Normally, changing ships was never a problem for a Starfleet officer. However, the Mary Rose was the only starship from Kendra's time. She had been aboard for a century and a half, but the ship certainly showed its age. As Gregnol peeled himself away from those who had stayed back to have a word, Kendra asked, "Captain, do you have a moment?"

Reuben stopped as he realised that someone else had been in the room when he and Jake had been discussing things. He hadn't gotten used to being Captain at all. "What can I do for you Kendra?" He wondered indicated one of the overstuffed chairs.

Coming from her place just outside the door, she entered the room and took the indicated seat. Old habits were hard to break, and she had been a Starfleet officer in a time where the Captain was held on a level above the crew. "Sir, how possible is it that we could make that Yeager our own?" she asked, trying not to show her feelings. Aside from the civilian attire, she still looked and acted like a Starfleet officer from the 2240s.

"I truthfully don't know until we can get over there and see what the ship is like." The man wasn't sure at all what they were going to do if he was honest. Until they saw the ship and what he did or didn't have he wasn't promising or deciding anything. He sat down next to her and smiled as he sat just as stiffly, being an Officer was hard to let go.

"Listen," Kendra started, taking in a breath. This was going to be hard to say but it was the truth. "Crew safety and job variety take precedence over feelings and attachments," she said. Even though it had been refit countless times, the Mary Rose was still almost two hundred years old and it was showing. "I'm just saying do what's best for all of us, whichever way that takes us," she added, making her point.

As soon as the normally docile woman said listen the man looked at her intently. He had never heard her use that sort of tone before. "I would hope that you would know that by now I do what is best for the people that are on the crew and rely on me," Gregnol said thinking that his senior crew were ganging up on him.

Having only known the man for a short time, Kendra had already been able to see that trait. "Yes, sir," she nodded in reply. Getting the hard part of her chest, she nodded toward the viewport, "What can I do to help, Captain?"

The man settled back down, he knew the woman wasn't trying to be that crewmember at all, wasn't in her nature but he needed to know that people trusted him especially as the chain of command wasn't as rigid on the ship compared to Starfleet. "At the moment just keeping an ear out for anyone else interested. Would you like to come across to the ship?"

Maybe she was not as slick as she used to be, but being caught made her chuckle a bit. "If I could? I never really got to go on many adventures, but comms isn't as needed on a ship these days," she explained. She had been on her share of away missions, but nothing with this kind of degree of unknown.

"You got it. I am sure you can be helpful in other ways." The man told her and patted her arm. "Communication might not be needed as much but you seem to make it work. Don't think I have ever seen you with idle hands." It was true, the crew always seemed to be working and moving around.

"Thank you, Captain," Kendra smiled a little embarrassed, it was fairly uncommon for a Captain of her time to hand down compliments. Looking back to Gregnol, she said almost eagerly, "I better go get ready for the away mission."

The man smirked a little at the blush that was now on her cheeks but he was just being honest. Sometimes it was good honest, sometimes it was bad honest. Jeassaho's Betazoid customs had a habit of rubbing off on him and he forgot to tone it down. "Any time." The man rose. "It won't be until tomorrow morning. Zero nine hundred." He still had to work out a few of the quirks on how to get them across to the ship.

"Very good, sir," Kendra nodded. "Zero-nine-hundred," she whispered to herself. Looking back to the Captain she realized that she did not know where to report, "Will that be on the transporter pad or at the docking hallways? I don't want to go to the wrong place."

At the mere mention of the evacuation corridor, the man smiled roguishly. "Docking hallways. We cannot seem to get a transporter lock properly." The man mused. He had always wanted to use the corridors on the old ship so it made perfect sense to kill two birds with one stone.

"We used to do it all the time, it was quicker for moving people and supplies," Kendra stated with a smile. Trying to lighten the mood from her serious questions, the comms officer winked as she stated, "Though my certification expired a century ago."

"I don't think that matters. If that mattered I would have dumped you all on the nearest Starfleet Vessel if it did." Gregnol found each of the old-timers useful and interesting to be around. He sometimes felt privileged that they had all wanted to stay on the ship when he had offered to take them wherever they wanted to go.

"What would I have done then, spent four more years at the Academy?" Kendra asked, her face turned in disgust. It had made sense to stay aboard, at least here they could learn something new in a somewhat familiar setting. She had only known the others who had been found aboard so they had decided to stay together. After a while together, the new arrivals to the Ishimura had grown on her.

"I am not sure it would be that. Maybe a one-year refresher or something." Gregnol said but he wasn't sure on how any of them would have been treated. It didn't matter they had decided to stay where they were after all but it was interesting to think on the what if.

"A one-year refresher and a round of tests," Kendra laughed. She stood up and said, "Tomorrow looks like a big day, mind if I go so I can cover my shift?"

"Of course." Gregnol just wanted a few more minutes before people started to ask more and more questions. It was impossible to keep it a secret now they were right up along the side of it.

"Thanks again, Captain," Kendra replied with a smile. She was excited to finally be able to to go on an away mission into the unknown.


Reuben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Kendra McIntyre
SS Mary Rose


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