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Exploring holodeck

Posted on Tue Dec 24th, 2019 @ 9:31pm by Dixoho Saa & Ryder Bray & Laurier Cami
Edited on on Tue Dec 24th, 2019 @ 11:20pm

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: USS Temperance, Holodeck
Timeline: MD 07 10:00
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Dixoho whirled around as she heard strange noises coming from further down the corridor. It was a strange dripping sound like water hitting a rock? Maybe somewhere there was a bath running. Since the power had come back on a lot of things had come to life.

Slowly she picked up herself up from the floor where she had been trying to clear a path to astrometric so she could get some up to date star charts that could be used on the ship after the memory was wiped by the other universe in there attempts to find whatever they had been searching for. The redhead wanted some that were not all in her head just encase something happened to her.

Slowly she inched around the corner and stopped dead as she saw first the smashed wall and then what the wall hid - a jungle. "What the hell?" She whispered amazed.

"Wow. That's not supposed to be there," Cami remarked, looking up from readjusting her tool belt. Advancing a little closer, she briefly took stock. "Huh. We're right next to the holodeck. I guess if there was some sort of bulkhead breach, the emitters might be able to project a little outside of the usual grid. The chances of recreating that effect are pretty low. I'm almost impressed."

Dixoho took a few steps forward as she saw Cami and offered a smile."Really not meant to be here at all. I've never seen a holodeck before never been on a ship that has one." She added quickly. The ship growing up was a cargo ship so it did not waste time with things such as that.

"I once spent about three months on this fancy cruise liner running some VIPs between systems. They had this holosuite malfunction and I was one of the work crew on fixing her up. Never saw anything like this." Cami reached out and put a hand on some of the vines crawling up the wall. It felt real. And slightly damp. "Pretty realistic..."

"I've always been on old ships, not even a planet." A fancy cruise liner sounded amazing if she was honest. It sounded like it would be all brightly lit and navigating something like that would be a dream. The redhead moved a little further in and grinned at just how realistic it was. It truly felt like she was somewhere tropical.

"They're not all they're cracked up to be," Cami sighed. "Especially for grease monkeys. You're expected to work long and hard, not for much pay or reward. At least that was my experience. Haven't you done much work on ships, then?"

Ryder sat in the back, watching the two young women go about their exploration. He was far from nervous, but he didn't like the idea of being in a ship with 'current' technology. Or, something that was closer to 'current' tech. It disturbed him, reminded him of his predicament, and how difficult it was to even get a hold of anyone he could have called family. There were plenty of Brays in the Federation's system, but there was no proof that any were part of his family.

He stayed silent, continuing his stalwart watch.

"I've lived on ships my whole life, grew up on a family-run cargo ship. How I learnt to navigate." Dixoho commented kneeling to look at the water that was pooling under a huge tree. "What about you?" She glanced back to where the security crewman was sat. "And you at the back. Where did you grow up?"

"Earth." Ryder wasn't feeling too chatty. He could have tried a little harder, but the whole situation around him was making him suspicious. Everything made noises, creaked where they shouldn't have. Once they truly got the power on, he feared the whole thing would explode with 'new-age' designs that he would have no idea what to do with. "Where are we anyways? We didn't have a 'holodeck.' I don't know what that is. Is it for training?"

Cami snickered a little bit, then remembered that he was really old-fashioned. "They're where the super-rich go to live out their fantasies," she replied. "At least, if you'd asked me that a few years ago, it's what I would have told you." Truth be told, she'd never actually used one. In her mind, only the privileged actually had use of holosuites. Back home on Bajor anything like that would have been an extreme luxury for a kid in her situation. Her only other experience had been the cruise liners she mentioned.

"It can be used for training but people use them for pleasure," Dixoho said with a small smile at Cami. The same thoughts were going through both their minds as they explained what it was to the man. It was a sharp reminder for all his appearance he was 150 years behind them.

"That seems like an awful waste of technology." Ryder pointed out, looking about the strange room. He knew they were looking to develop the technology, but it never came to full fruition when he was aboard the Ishimura. "And people pay for this sort of thing?"

"Muchos moolah," Cami sighed. "Kinda wish I owned a couple of them, back in the day. Would've set me up for years."

"Lots and lots of credits or latinum." Dixoho confirmed looking around more. Maybe next shoreleave she could find somewhere like this and experience it properly for herself.

Ryder looked about the blank room with a frown. People in this era were intent on their luxuries, but all it reminded him of was the family he left behind so many years ago. His nose crinkled in annoyance. "And Starfleet ships are just equipped with this sort of thing?"

"From what I have heard yep. I am surprised this ship has one being a ship of war." But who was Dixoho to judge when even in war people needed to relax and reflect safely.

"This is a ship of war? I thought this was a peaceful time." Ryder sat down in the middle of the empty room, pulling out an older-looking PaDD he had been toting around to update himself on the 'recent times.' "... It must be for training..."

"For real?" Cami asked, looking back at him. "Dominion Wars not ring any bells? Wasn't that long ago. Some of us had family involved. Most any ship was running the frontlines back then."

"Yeah, sorry, I must have forgotten that in my two hundred year old nap." Ryder looked up from his PaDD. Whether everyone in the crew knew the situation between himself and his friends was yet to be determined, but something told Ryder that not everyone was as aware. Likely about as aware as he was about current events. "Doesn't even matter, the fact is that this warship has a useless piece of tech on it. But if we're gonna take the ship, then we'll have the useless piece of tech that we can use, right?"

"Imagine what you could see Ryder," Dixoho said cheerfully. She was trying her best to act more cheerful even if she was still raging with anger inside of her over Michael. "Could see places you've always wanted to see." She tried to move the conversation on and make a face at Cami to make her realise. "Could cheer Cassie up here." It was a low blow but she hoped it would draw him into the possibilities.

"Cassie's got her own way of cheering herself up," Ryder pointed out, "She's a strong woman. With a shit run of luck and a family I wouldn't mind throwing down a hole." He muttered something under his breath, before nodding toward the door. "What's the plan, ladies? Should I go tell someone we've got an all clear over here?"

Dixoho was going to comment about Cassie spending a lot of the time in the Ward Room or bar but she couldn't say much herself. "Sure. I'll work out how to shut it off." The Navigator offered as she started to look around for the console that controlled it all.


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