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Moving The Moon

Posted on Sat Feb 8th, 2020 @ 3:48pm by Dodian Carli

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: Moonbeam (Crew Lounge), Deck 6

It had taken a lot of scrubbing, picking up rubble and sweat from Dodian to help turn this place back into something that resembled a lounge. Dodian had been on board a short while but had not really surfaced to meet anyone due to the repair efforts on the bar she had signed on to take over.

First thing she did was name it, Moonbeam.

Dodian was spiritual if you could believe it. She prayed to the Goddess of the Moons of El Auria even though they were lightyears away and full of Borg. Still her beliefs are what drove her to actions in her life and she has not once wavered in the belief that they were wrong.

She had a bar back on Earth, The Firefly. It was in the hands of her niece, Seren, whom she trusted to run the place with the professionalism and community feel she had always had there. It was also a front business for her 'extracurricular activities' outside the legal world.

Not many knew of her double life as an assassin and truth be told she hated that term. She tended to call herself a fixer but had earn the nickname The Good Samaritan. Dodian had never understood the name but she was not in a position to challenge it, she liked her anonymity. She had always left a card, the size of a playing card, with a yellow smiley face on it at any scene she had affected. Be that the death of an individual or the drop off of information that led to arrests.

However, she had felt that people had began to close in on her a little on Earth. Her time in Starfleet had been over 50 years of interesting adventures but even they had began to notice her times on 'leave' tied in with some interesting incidents. Nothing could be proven but still it gave her pause and she decided to resign her commission and open The Firefly.

Now she was on a civilian vessel, SS Mary Rose. She had served on a ship of this type back in her Starfleet years so she knew it well enough to navigate and had tried to return the bar to something similar to that of the time period it was from. There were some modern inclusions and functional pieces but the styling was more vintage than current.

Looking round she rubbed the sweat from her forehead. She was done.

The bar was stocked, decoration completed and now all that remained was for people to visit. She had sent out a message to all crew members of the reopening of the crew lounge and soon hoped bums would fill seats.

Dodian Carli
Bar Keeper
SS Mary Rose


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