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Hating the universe

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2016 @ 12:03am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Stardate 70066.8 I don't care

Hungover… How is it possible to be hungover haven’t I been through enough to enjoy a drink without having to wake up and have a head that hurt. I’m writing this on a scrap of paper. It orders my thoughts despite no longer officially being in Starfleet so to speak, it is still a habit one that I intend to use despite Barton teasing. It would do him some good too if I am honest.

But where do I start, I saw her Jeassaho Jeastraxe Kea, My JJ and the only reason I put up with what I have from the moment the bastards Cartels attacked the shuttle searching for me killing the crew to use in an attempt to find Barton, to the moment we got the hail from the USS Helix to say that they had arrested the Cartels and Starfleet Intelligence wanted a word with me. They let Barton escape go to god knows where he has been for the last few months and took me in for questioning. I was given orders and sent back into the universe, to serve a purpose again.

I didn’t want this, I want to return to Starfleet but yet again I am torn into two people, Lieutenant Commander Gregnol, the Starfleet Officer fall of duty, pride and obligation to the universe and Federation, the man Barton despises and then there is Rueben, the man who fights for everything and everyone no matter what. Always divided between two worlds… I hate this.


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