Waving Across the Fin-ish Line

Posted on Tue Jun 21st, 2016 @ 1:06am by Alika Mahone

To My Dearest Elder Brother,

I dunno if this is gonna get to you. I don't keep in contact with the rest of the family, but you keep seeing fit to butt yourself into my business so I thought I'd take the liberties of telling you what was going on. I've decided Starfleet isn't the way to go, taking after your example to retire the moment things were hairy for you. Good job, big bro. If we ever see each other again at the family reunion, I'll make sure everyone knows you're a sterling example of what Starfleet didn't want out of their officers.

Oh, but back to me. I left, and I'm at the ass-end of the Quadrant ready to embark on a trip to further away from the Quadrant. I suspect you'll try to use your 'Starfleet connections' to try to find me. Don't bother. I'll contact you when I want to be found. Just know that I have a direction and I'm productive, or whatever it is you want me to be in life. I'm molding myself and that's that.

Once I get my riches and find my place, I'll pop back up. Probably to drag Kikua from whatever hellhole he's put himself on. How I let him go to Starfleet and actually get an education in that crap-backwards Academy of your's... Doesn't matter.

But I send this in your direction with the knowledge that you're on the Federation Vessel called the 'Viking.' Dunno how I found that out, so I can't even tell if that information's valid. You're probably doctor-ing or whatever it is you do when you're not whining about being kidnapped, you big baby.

A loihi , a me ke aloha no ka iʻa a pau broseph.


PS: Don't be too surprised when baby bro finally cracks, and don't go too hard on him, or I'll find out.