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Posted on Thu Sep 1st, 2016 @ 9:04am by

Personal Log, Stardate: 70667.2

I've spent the past few days in sickbay, recovering from yet another malfunction from my implants, or more specifically, from some of my old memories bubbling back to the surface.

Its strange how it happens; its almost like I'm watching the memories of someone else's life. From my time on the old homeworld, to traveling with brother in search of... what did he call it again? That thing... the galactic layline? I admit, I don't remember much about what it really was, and none of the databases I've gone through have really mentioned more than the name, and how it's a little-known myth originating in the Beta Quadrant. But what interests me more is my brother. What happened to him, and why had we parted ways all those years ago?

I'll have to keep looking into this. Perhaps I'll find something buried in the old memory banks here on the ship...



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