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Entry Two

Posted on Thu Sep 15th, 2016 @ 9:13am by
Edited on Thu Sep 15th, 2016 @ 9:15am

It's been another long day down in Engineering. Of course, so far that has been every day, so perhaps I should say that it has been a normal day in Engineering. With only the skeletal staff available for the department, I've had them verifying the condition of all the major systems on Mary Rose. That had been completed, and now they were going down the list of things that needed fixing.

Luckily the idiots that gutted this ship needed most of her main systems intact, or the old girl would be in must worse shape that she was in right now. What most of the crew had to deal with had to do with things that had broken and then had just left that way, instead of taking the time to fix it. After a while that added up, so more and more of the ship had been sealed away, converted into cargo space.

Like what Janet and I did today. We started repairs on the replicators in the crew mess hall and the personal quarters of the current crew. I figure that will take us a couple of days to do. We got the ones up and running in the crew mess today. For the most part, they just needed a good cleaning, their intake pipes cleaned of the gunk that had built up over what, a hundred years? Now they were purring like a well-built machine. Which, when I come to think of that, they are.

This should at least make the crew a bit happier. Once we have completed this work ticket we will have repaired all of the replicators that are in the currently used sections of the ship. Then we will work on the doors, then the lights, until all the items on my punch list are complete. Then once that is done I want to get to the other parts of the ship, see what's there, Some of these cargo holds haven't been opened in years. There was one, down on the lower deck, that he could not even get into due to a damaged blast door that looked like it had taken a hell of a blast. That one's going to be fun.

Computer, end log.


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Comments (1)

By Captain Rueben Gregnol on Thu Sep 15th, 2016 @ 11:48am

Damage blast door you say.... Hmmm