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Log Entry Three - MD03: 2230 hours

Posted on Tue Sep 27th, 2016 @ 4:00am by

"Personal Log, Bardon Gordon. In the last couple of days, a lot of the crew have started to come down with the sniffles. Yeah, I know that's not a medical term, but I'm not a doc so that's okay."

A sneeze could be heard, then some sniffling, then Bradon's voice returned. "I checked on Charles about an hour ago. According to medical, he is in a coma. They are not sure what is going on with him; they have not been able to find any reason why he's sick. But he is."

Another pause. Another soft sneeze. "And now it seems that I too have become sick with whatever is going around. I felt fine yesterday. Now I have the sneezes, runny nose, and I ache everywhere. I saw Jeassaho wiping her nose earlier today, and the other engineers do not look to be "in the pink", as my ma would say."

"Janet filled in for Charles this shift, and it looks like I may have to help out on third tonight. Ah well. No rest for the weary. And the sick."

End Log


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