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Personal Log - Entry Four

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 7:31am by

“Personal Log, Bradon Gordon, Chief Engineer, SS Mary Rose.” Bradon’s voice rose into the air from his reclined position on his couch.

“Seems I almost died last mission,” he started off without preamble. “When we opened the Hoarder’s stash behind the wall we released some sort of disease. Don’t know if it was a trap for the unwary or just something that was stored there that got free of containment. There was a lot of odd stuff in there, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, not a whole lot that could help with keeping the ship afloat. At least, not directly. Some of the stuff in there I’m sure the Captain could get a pretty penny for. Just need to find someplace to unload it.”

“I understand if not for the swift action of several of the crew, I would not be laying here recording this. I am going to have to find a way to thank them; just not sure how to approach them about it. One of them is so paranoid he would probably think something entirely different that way I mean, and the other… I don’t know how she’d take it.”

The sounds of movement could be heard as Bradon rose to fetch another coffee from the replicator. “Engineering crew is about done with my first project, getting the water running and replicators functioning throughout the crew decks. My thoughts had been correct; it was more a matter of replacing some of the crucial junction sections than having to replace the entire system. That, tied with getting all the replicators functioning again, should lift the spirits of the crew. It sure lifted mine when I had that first hot shower in a while, that’s for sure!”

“Maybe I should do something for them. A little party down in engineering once that last item is checked off the list. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Keep their spirits up. Maybe even have a contest at to what’s next on our list of non-essential equipment to get running again. That could be interesting. Definitely a possibility.”

“That’s it for now. Getting sleepy. Tomorrow will tell whether or not I do anything about that party.”

“End Recording”


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