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Meghan Does Not Realise About Swap Part 1

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 2:02pm by Meghan Massachusetts & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Mission: Mission 12 - Railway
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD 02 20:00
1949 words - 3.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Meghan slowly awoke and yawned sitting up wrapping the sheet around her and looked at the chronometer that was nearby and gasped. She had been asleep all day yet felt that she could just roll over and go back to sleep? What would Jax think? She was lucky that he had not called a doctor or something. She slowly rose with the sheet wrapped around her. “Jax?” She wondered looking around confused. Maybe he was in his own room?

Hearing her rise he came through the doorway. "Hey, you're finally awake. I was starting to get worried. Really took a lot out of you huh?" He approached and picked up a strand of her hair, putting it back where it belonged rather than in her face. "How are you feeling?"

Running her hand down the length of his arm, noting the muscles like an artist notes brushstrokes, she whispered groggily, "It's not even close to morning yet." She mused countering his concern knowing that it was as far from the truth of possible.

Jax frowned a bit. "If this is your attempt to get me back in bed all you have to do is ask. But seriously, I was worried. But if you're okay . . ." He bit his lip a little bit. "There's just so much I don't know about what's normal for you."

"It would solve all our issues and make you forget for a moment." She soothed knowing that it would only be a temporary thing on things. "It has been many years since I have done something so extreme in a spell. Normally a random piece of food or money or a gentle nudge on someone resolve. I am not as young as I once was." She said with a wistful grin on her face as she took in his worried face.

"Yeah," he snorted. "You're ancient." Which was technically true to his point of view, but he meant it only teasingly. "Just as long as you think you're okay. Want to share a meal with me?"

Meghan nodded and looked down at herself just wrapped in the bed sheet and smiled a little. She would have just gone like this but she needed to dress in something a little more substantial. Turning away she moved to gather her robe and wrapped the silken material around herself before she glanced at him again. “Or are you thinking of going to the mess and getting out of this room for once?” She wondered thinking that maybe a bigger meal other than snacks and anything that had acquired so far might be better for her. It might help her regain her strength quicker.

"Up to you, can do it either way." He waited patiently for her to decide. "Though I recommend a little more clothing for that. You can go like that," he smiled. "It wouldn't bother me at all. But you might feel a bit chilly."

The sheet was not exactly thick to cover much even on her slim form. She nodded, it was a wise suggestion to change, she did not want to give everyone a show. She turned away thinking that normally she would have magicked clothing on to her self but in her current state she thought it foolish to push herself and strain the bridges that she had built with the man. It took ten minutes but she appeared dressed in a dark dress that looked like in belonged in another era but it strangely suited her. “I am ready.” She announced looking composed compared to a few moments before.

Jax blinked at her, as if mesmerized. "You look beautiful." He said stealing a kiss. "Right this way madam." He led her out into the corridor and toward a hot meal that he didn't have to make, not that it was difficult to punch a few buttons. "What is your favorite food?" As long as she had lived she must have figured that out by now.

Meghan blushed under his gaze for a moment surprised by this turn of events. She had not expected to feel like this and was not sure she had ever felt like it before. "Thank you." She whispered stroking his cheek before he stole her away to the mess hall. "I love human Italian food." She admitted. Pizza was a perfect food, you could have a little or a lot of it and whatever toppings you fancied. It was so versitle.

"Very good then," He gestured to a table. "I will be your waiter this evening because it amuses me. What will the miss have to drink?"

“Something refreshing please.” Meghan said grinning as she glanced around the mess seeing how everyone looked a little off. It was strange when the crew were normally a little more active and joined her.

"Such a cop out." He mildly complained in a teasing tone then turned and wandered off to get it. He snuck a few glances at Meghan while he waited for the drinks and wondered what else he didn't know about her. He supposed he was about to find out though, if he stayed with her which of course he would do, even if she wasn't completely honest with him. He did not believe her to be keeping things from in with malicious intention. "Alrighty," he said returning. "This is supposed to be very refreshing, a nice Bajoran spring wine. I'm told it's a bit sweet but that you can also drink the whole bottle before you've realized it."

Meghan laughed at him as he walked away. She could not help but admire just how well he was taking all of this. It was certainly something to admire when a lot of people had run away screaming in the past making her have to change memories and do other things she would rather not to survive. “I like sweet.” She responded quickly as he handed her the glass. The woman took a sip of it and smiled at the sweetness. “Definitely my type of wine and not the usual stuff they serve from the jugs. Might want to remember it for our future.” She said without thinking. It was perfect, it could quite possibly become a firm favourite in the future.

"Oh? Are we planning the wedding so soon?" He was joking of course. He needed to figure out quite a few things before he even thought about doing something so rash. "Dinner is served," he said setting down two plates with mini pizza's on them. He had guessed at her toppings but he was pretty sure she couldn't mind a few peppers among the pepperoni. "To our future," he took up his glass and held it out to her.

The woman looked up alarmed at his joke before she realised he was in fact joking and not misunderstanding her. She was pretty sure he was in a bubble of calm at the moment and it would eventually filter through what she was and what she could do. It would end in heartache she was sure. "I do not plan things like that." She quickly answered before looking at the food. "It looks good." She realised that he was making a toast despite the lack of privacy and found herself doing the same.

"Bit too early," Jax agreed. But it didn't mean she couldn't think about it. "So, where do you come from? I mean is there a planet? Would I know of it? I have so many questions."

Meghan smiled a little as she realised how frazzled he was that they were talking about it all again. It was far to early in her opinion when he did not know everything nor did he completely trust her. “I come from a planet Megas-Tu, in another universe where we were alone, no humans, no Klingons, no fighting. Our universe allowed magic and wizardry, and the Megan’s were users of such.” She said with a small smile as she picked up the first pizza with her fingers and took a big bite. It was good for replicator pizza, sometimes you could just tell but this one it was impossible.

"Allowed," he said. It was an interesting choice of words. "I can think of a few things that magic would be lovely to fix around here. But I suppose using it comes with a cost? Things like that always seem to have a price." He took a bite and watched her carefully. So far she hadn't said or done anything that was going to make him run, even if it was kind of a spectacular tale.

"Yes allowed. The universe she was now in, it had potential but it is slow. She hated it here, everything seemed sluggish. Magic felt thick like molasses compared to how fluid it was back home. Still, she had access to the same knowledge and she was safer here as far as she could tell, no one really knew of her universe or species and none of her species were here any longer so it was good. "It does sadly." Here at least, the universe demanded payment for its uses.

"Okay," Jax thought about things for a moment while he ate. "Hopefully the price isn't too high. What exactly were you trying to do when you . . . when I woke up?"

Meghan looked away at that question she did not want to answer that question but she knew that she needed to answer it. “I have the same dream every night. I wanted to know if you were the man in my dream that the universe speaks to me about.” She blushed into her wine realising things were just real now.

He let that sink in, observing the coloring of her face. "You've been dreaming about someone?" He set aside for a moment that she used magic to try and figure out a dream. Jax left the question open hoping that she would elaborate because honestly he was a little confused.

Meghan blushed even more and nodded as she glanced at him. “Many years ago I sent a whisper out into the universe for someone who would be perfect.” She shook her head looking away. “It was foolish but the dream has haunted me for a thousand years. I just wanted to see .” It was silly talking about it now when things were so fragile between them.

"And, did you get your answer?" Jax asked curiously, leaning back in his chair. She looked so beautiful with a little blush to her cheeks.

Meghan watched as he almost looked her over and shook her head. “No... and I do not have energy to try again so I guess I am just going to have to wait and see.” She admitted not at all sure how to feel about it that when she hated being vulnerable.

"Hmm. Just like everyone else." He replied with a sympathetic smile. "I don't know . . . ." he wasn't sure how to say this. "I hope you trust me, I have no intention of ever hurting you."

Meghan nodded. She knew he would not do that as she would not have allowed him as close as he had become but it did not help her really. She was ready to almost let that type of relationship into her life. “You would not be here if I thought you were a danger to me.”

He shrugged. "Just making sure. Are you done, do you want to head back, or go for a walk?"

"Sure. Sounds good." She was not overly hungry or thirsty. What she had, had was perfect and a walk would be lovely to stretch her legs now that she was feeling more awake.


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