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After Watch With The Watchdog

Posted on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 @ 8:05pm by Indigo & Liha t'Ehhelih & Captain Kaylin Jaal

Mission: Stowaway
Location: Stardust City
Timeline: MD -14
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Indigo loved coming home. She had an arrangement that she got to serve all her reserve time and responsibilities any time she was on the planet as long as she did not brag about the option. It allowed her to do her civic duty and keep the Rangers out of trouble for the most part especially with their ship in the dock being repaired after the last skirmish. She practically tumbled into her apartment and called out loudly to any of her roommates/hostages with no other homes inside. “Anyone up and awake? I have returned with breakfast and some news” She knew Teav would be awake and was not disappointed as she popped her head around the living area and saw him at the dining table.

"I already have my tea," Taev replied impassively, though a bit on the gruff side. Indigo somehow always brought that out in him, because how could anyone be that perky? "What news?"

Tea was not food but after so long together she had learnt to not arguing but set down the box on the table for when he decided to have something to eat. She glanced around seeing no one else seemed to be awake yet. “SS Mary Rose is in orbit.” She announced proudly that she had discovered it chucking her thermal clothing into the growing pile of jackets that were gracing the apartment.

Taev sipped his tea. "Really? When did they get in?" he asked laconically. It wasn't that he wasn't interested. In fact, he felt a small thrill at the idea of seeing Liha again. But he also suspected that that was exactly why Indigo was tossing the news at him like a set'leth retrieving a tin'del and waiting for you grab it and run. SHe knew she didn't mean didn't mean any harm by it, but sometimes it felt like she was forever trying to cut through and bust in the front door instead of following the maze or coming around back.

Indigo smiled as she moved to the replicator and got a beer returning to the table without a word. She did not think anyone would judge the woman for having a beer after getting off the night shift when everyone else had been sleeping. It had been a quiet night of duty for “the Watchdog” apart from the drunk in the corridor of the security centre wanting to celebrate the end of the Federation early. It happened every year for the active crew, they worked hard and thought that reflected into play hard as well. “From the control tower data early this morning. Looks like they are coming to the party after all” Indigo yawned just a little as she finally just relaxed into the chair.

"It's your party." Kaylin approached from behind. "Sounds like you're happy to see them. Any one in particular?"

"Good question." Taev smiled at her and took a nonchalant sip of his tea. "Did you invite anyone in particular?"

Indigo smirked just a little as the other Romulan came up behind her. Indigo nudge the chair out for her but said nothing as she nibbled on the pastry, she had brought back for her. “No one in particular. They all seemed like fun people even the serious Captain. Especially with a wife like he had.” She made an admiring face before she carried on turning it back on the pair. “Plus, you have people you want to see there again. I acted in good faith for my teammates in helping them relieve some of the… frustrations they have.” She said grinning at her lack of grace over the subject. One day she was pretty sure one or both of them will smother her in her sleep for the cheekiness but today was not that day.

It really was minor miracle that no one had smothered her in her sleep, Taev thought, but only rolled his eyes at that remark. "If you're feeling 'frustrated' and want their captain's wife, leave us out of your negotiations, please. I don't need to deal with that kind of projection." He took another sip of tea and smiled pleasantly. He didn't need a party; he knew perfectly well where Liha was likely to be. "As for me, I was thinking of trying the hang gliding at the cliffs near the Yang."

"Hmph. They're a skittish bunch," Kaylin shrugged. "I should enjoy making sure that whomever I decide to spend my time with pays for the drinks." After the last few weeks she was about ready to blow off some steam, whether that meant having a scrap or something a bit more wild.

"If she is interesting but I would never stoop to that. None of you would ever forgive me." Indigo was loyal to the two of them even if they thought of her as a child most of the time. "You are not coming to the party Teav?" She demanded pouting just a little offering Kaylin a wink. She knew who she hoped would be there.

"I didn't say that," Taev corrected. "It's at night after all, and gliding cliffs at night is a bit dare devil when you're out of practice. So I might come for a few drinks, and to keep an eye on things. Someone has to keep you out of trouble after all." He tipped an eyebrow in the Romulan version of a wink at Indigo.

Indigo laughed at the Romulan. She knew deep down he liked her really. He thought of her almost like a little sister… just a very annoying little sister. She glanced over at their leader and wondered what she was thinking she wasn’t much of a morning person so the silent treatment was just worse at that time of day.

“And what about you boss? Are you coming along to the celebrations?” She wondered finishing off her beer with one final sip. It had not felt like a long night but it had been boring and very repetitive, lots of coming and going for year end.

"As I said, if someone else is paying," Kaylin replied cryptically. "It's your celebration Indigo. But I go for you, not for the Federation; They've done nothing to help our people, so why would I celebrate them?"

Indigo rolled her eyes just a little. She was not going to argue the point over and over again that it was celebrating the end of another year especially one as exciting and interesting as the one they had experienced. “Well, then I appreciate you coming for me.” She murmured sounding a bit solemn as she rose with a yawn.

"For you?" Taev laughed, and flashed a teasing smile, moving his cup in a small arc from Kaylin back to himself. "We're coming free booze."

Indigo rolled her eyes at the pair. They were insufferable just as much as they probably thought she was. "Well, at least I know where I stand in your eyes." She murmured shaking her head at him as she put the bottle in the replicator watching it disappear. "Just behave whilst I sleep alright. No causing trouble."

"Like we're the ones who cause trouble," Taev snarked, then switched to smile. "Get some sleep. We'll hold down the fort until then.


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