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The Honest Question

Posted on Mon Nov 1st, 2021 @ 8:01am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson (*)

Mission: Holoworld
Location: Deck 3 - Ward Room
Timeline: MD 01 20:00
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Cassie looked around the quiet wardroom and decided to join the doctor. He seemed to have lots of questions around her and how she came to be there so there was no time like the present to answer them. She was trying to be more open and talkative especially when she was starting to try and move on from being the sad pathetic married but not married woman that everyone had been taking pity on for the last year.

She knew the term wardroom was used to describe the place but it was nothing like the old naval traditions at all as the captain was in the room slumped in a chair reading an actual book whilst his wife snuggled against him looking like she was fixing something in her hands. The room was quiet which was a welcome change as the crew were having a party elsewhere and she really did not feel like joining.

“So, what are your plans for holoworld Doctor?” The hybrid offered by way of greeting as she sat down in the plush chair across from him. The room was set up with chairs and tables all around so the crew could mingle. It was one of the few places where guests could not venture.

Issac smiled at the young woman. "If I can get away with it nothing," he said, his smile broadening. "The Holodeck has never really been my thing. I get the interest of course" Issac had treated too many fellow officers who had to succumb to addiction and had no interest following. "What about you my dear? You looking forward to anything?"

"It was not really a thing whilst I was living my first life." She said with a shrug. It was known to use the technology for communication and stuff but it was not used really for creational activity on the scale that it seemed to be 150 years later. She had considered checking through their computer if there were any programs from her time. She had wanted to reminisce for a long time but she was not sure if she was mentally strong enough after everything recently. Johnathen returning had knocked her mentally as it had stretched and bended her walls to them being non-existent with trying to make him better.

"Ah, yes thats right. You were part of the ships very first crew right?" he hadn't really had the time to research, or ask about how they had arrived here in this time. He expressed as much to the young women beside him.

“Well, not very first crew but a crew that was on board in 2346 when the dikironium cloud creature attacked us.” Cassie herself had only survived thanks to her Vulcan blood being unpalatable to the creature. It had allowed her to escape and survive for Sebastian to save them all.

Issac nodded, "Yes, I read up on that incident, I must have missed the part about survivors. The fleet has encountered similar creatures since then. Interesting path of evolution they must have taken, evolving into a non-corporeal state, yet retaining enough of a presence as a matter to no truly be classified as non-corporeal" he smiled to himself and shook his head a little. "I am sorry, my words do not always follow what my mind says. But then I haven't really had a social life since I was posted to Starbase 281, I didn't have patients and was too new to have friends." he paused and stared out the window. "And somehow I never got around to making any either." he wondered if that had helped the station commander push him out any easier.

"There was six of us," Cassie said surprised that he did not know about the survivors but maybe Gregnol was really trying to keep them safe before she realise that he might not know everything. "I can not say that I am the more socially adept myself. I have struggled since being released from the transporter." She knew more than once she had put her foot in it with her fellow 2246 surviours and the present crew. It was hard not always noticing emotions in others as they did not correspond to her own.

He nodded "I understand that" he stopped and thought for a moment, "I mean I have treated people who have skipped time that way you have, and other ways. It is a difficult adjustment. A lot has changed in the time you were frozen. Not only the Federation and Human culture but the galaxy at large." He smiled what he hoped was a friendly reassuring smile. “Why did you decide to stay on the ship instead of upping your commission?”

“Yeah galaxy is very different. Lots more hybrids like myself.” It was one of the biggest things she could put a finger on that had changed so drastically. Her mother’s work in creating her had not gone to waste. It was beautiful in her opinion but the reason she had not left was nothing major in her mind. “This was my home.” It was as simple as that to her.

The big Russian doctor nodded, it was a common reaction. When so much had changed people who had moved forward in time tended to go to where they felt a bond, a familiar place even if that too had changed somewhat. Turning to look at her he asked "Is there anything you'd like to know?" he hadn't socialized on the Rosie yet and he was a current Fleet, albeit on leave!

The woman shook her head. "I have had three years to adjust but that is a sweet offer." She said offering a smile. "We have been on board three years or so now so we have all adjusted even the people that have left the ship and gone out into the universe." She had considered it many times herself to go out and explore and to meet her grandchildren but she stayed back out of there lives.

He nodded, "I understand, How are you doing. With your Husband's return to the ship and his condition" he winced a little he could have asked that in a different way. A better way but it was said now for better or worse.

The woman sat back in her chair and shrugged, downing the drink she did. It would be one drink and that would be in with that question now having been raised. “It is not how I wanted to be reunited I guess.” She shrugged. It was not how anyone wanted to be reunited with there husband after a year apart not knowing where he was.

"Why did he leave the ship? I understand there was some mission he went on?" The Doctor hadn't got many details, even with the possible effect on his treatment he hadn't gotten much from anyone. He wasn't sure he would now either!

“Him and Robertson went off on a ‘mission’. It was just them.” She explained with a shrugged that looked out of place on a Vulcan. “It is complicated doctor but I hope we work through the fact I was left here.” She said.

It was clear that she was in pain and a combination of being left behind and her husbands current condition was going to mean difficult recovery. "Being away from my wife isn't easy for me" he offered, He shrugged "I know its not the same thing I know."

“How does she cope?” Cassie wondered interested to hear him speaking personally for once.

He shrugged "She's Chief of Security at a Space Dock." he said as way of explanation, but continued with a smile "I am asexual so our marriage has never been sexual but we enjoyed contact. Being away from each other isn't easy; but we both agreed that given my disciplinary and the Admiralty's insistence that some time of separation was needed i had to go on walk about." all this flowed from him quickly, as though he hadn't spoken about this before. He took a sip of his drink.

"We speak daily, she is strong willed but has thrown herself into her work. I don't think that station has ever ever been crime free before. Still" he admitted "I worry"

The hybrid cocked her head but her only comment on everything that he had spilled out was, ”Daily? Surprised our communication systems allow that. So will you will going back to Starfleet then?” It was an honest question and one that he had likely been asked many times since he had come onboard.

He shrugged "I don't know" he started "Federation politics has conflicted with my oath one too many times. I have fallen out of favour with the admiralty and worse, They have fallen out of favour with me." The last time he had spoken with his commanding officer was after the Captain's Mast, he had opted for that over a court marshal as he had burnt so many bridges and a jury of his peers was likely to throw the book at him. As it stood he had been demoted to lieutenant from commander, demoted from medical director of the starbase to a medical officer with no supervisory role. He wasn't angry but he was annoyed. "Mary might be the only reason I return to the fleet when my year is up"

Cassie did not react to the anger. It was justified but it was not the Starfleet she knew or care to know and one of the reasons she stayed where she was. "Would that be enough to return to the fleet?" She asked honestly.

The question left them both wondering as they sat there in silence.


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