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The Confusion Is At An End

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 5:57am by Nollel Livaam (*)

Mission: Holoworld
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD -10
1016 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Doctor Nicoli was still working on a way to reverse the damage done to the body of the young woman who was now in a stasis tube. He had put it in the lab behind sickbay and restricted access. He didn't need a whole host of people streaming in and out of medical. He was at his desk doing the research, there was a great deal on the subject but nothing that had advanced as far as hers had!

The woman who entered the lab was deathly quiet. She stood there for a long moment before she let up ur a polite cough trying to not disturb him too much but she had been trying to catch him for a few days. “Hello doctor sorry to interrupt you.” Nollel held up a PADD that had cargo paperwork visible on the screen. “Your predecessors did not really do much paperwork and there are a few items I need to check with yourself.”

"Indeed," he said, he had joined the crew as he wanted a little more freedom to recover, to do his job without politics getting in the way. However, there was maybe a little too much freedom here and some of the others barely did paperwork. Sure they were good at their jobs but unless they did the paperwork. He sighed and smiled. "Take a seat, I am not sure how much I can tell you but I will do my best"

The woman came in and looked around the small room. It was old and most certainly a room that she had not seen before. She moved the PADDS that was on the only other chair and put them in a neat stack on the floor before she sat down crossing her legs. "Well, it is mostly just to quickly check you have the correct controlled medication onboard." She admitted blinking at her own PADD.

Issac observed the young lady, but kept his tongue right for the moment, "I didn't bring many control medications with me, only the Omni-fluid for the Hypos I brought aboard." the Omni-Fluid could be programmed into any medication by the hypospray. It was very handy, but only the hypo's could program it and he only had four aboard all of which were accessible by the medical staff. However, he brought up the list of drugs that were aboard and flicked it to her padd. "That is what we have access to."

Nollel nodded and started comparing the two lists that she had. They were all similar until she got to one that was six from the bottom. It was a well-known drug but only suitable for humans. “You have human morphine on board that’s not on the list. Any idea when it came on board?” She wondered quietly trying to not think on the conversation she had just left with Robertson.

"Where is it stored?" he asked "Its not in my stocks, not that I know of at any rate"

"No idea. It is on your list but not mine." She said indicating on his list and then where it was not on her list. "So it is either here in your secured drugs cabinet or not." She said shrugging.

He sighed a little and got to his feet, logging off and closing his terminal he strolled over to the locked medical cabinet. It was a code pad, he entered the code and the door clicked open. He opened it and ran a finger along each shelve speed reading each of the labels on the vials. "Ah" he said with a frown plucking a full bottle from the shelve, behind it were another 4 identical vials.

Nollel shrugged at the sigh. It was not her fault, she was doing what she had been asked to do. She rose to follow but stopped in the doorway.

"This" he said "Is not what the label says it is." He took it over the Nurses station and placed it on the analyzer plate and pressed a few buttons activating the scanner. "Yeah, that would be the morphine. Almost 5 full vials of the stuff, but is marked as a general morphine like drug usable by almost all species on the ship."

“Morphine?” She asked confused before she came back to herself. She shook her head and sighed. “Doctor sorry my mind went blank.”

Issac frowned a little, "You did come to ask about this. Did you not?" he nabbed all the vials, he would run them through the replicator and destroy them, there was a reason he didn't have this stuff on board. It was deadly to almost every other species in the Federation!

“Yes.” She agreed readily with him watched him with the vials. “I keep spacing out at the moment. Maybe I have they found going around.” She admitted rubbing her forehead.

Issac frowned deeper, "How long have you been experiencing these episodes?" he asked reaching for his tricorder

Nollel pursed her lips together trying to think about how long it had been going on. “A couple of days. It’s like I am slipping away a piece at a time.” She said looking at the man worried.

The doctor pulled the tricorder open and plucked the scanner from the top, he aimed it at Nollel and started a general scan. It was likely something simple he could give her a jab and she would be right as rain in moments. However, given this crews distance from Federation medical care, and the lack of supplies it could also be something more.

The woman stayed perfectly still as the tricorder was run over her as the man silently started to contemplate her. She should have gone to talk to Michael or mention what was happening to Liha. She felt silly for not doing so until she had been forced by something else as they were meant to be her friends and the closest thing she had to family. "What is the verdict?" She asked but the man just looked at her and smiled calmly. They were going to have to call the Captain.


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