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Let's Talk Shop...

Posted on Sat Sep 25th, 2021 @ 3:32am by Micheal Robertson & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein

Mission: Holoworld
Location: SS Mary Rose, Engineering
Timeline: November 2396 (Backpost)
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After he spoke with Eden, Micheal stopped for a quick bite and then made his way down the Main Engineering. After speaking briefly with a few of the other engineers, the Armory Chief finally found the man he wanted to speak to. "Hey, Mike," the Texan said in a friendly tone.

Burnie nearly did a double take. His parents and friends back on earth had all called him Mike, but he'd been 'Burnie' to most of his crewmates in Starfleet, and everyone on this ship called him either Burnie or Michael, so he hadn't been addressed as Mike in a long time. But he recovered quickly, offering a smile as he recalled that Robertson shared his given name. "Hey, what's up?"

"Can I talk to you, in private?" Micheal indicated Burnie's office as he spoke.

"Sure..." Burnie wiped the grime from his latest project off his hands and got up, heading into the office. Perching on the edge of his desk, he waited for the other man to come in. "So what needs a private consult?"

After Micheal entered the office, he pressed the control to close the door. He then stepped to the side, hooked his thumbs behind his gunbelt and leaned back against tbe bulkhead. He chewed his lip slightly as he tbought of how to begin.

" you mind if I call you Mike?"

"Mike's fine. But most people down here call me Burnie."

Nodding in understanding, Micheal continued. "How do you feel things are going for us out here?"

Burnie pursed his lips. "Well, given that the ship is at twice its design life and still going strong, I'd say we're doing okay."

Micheal nodded in agreement. "That is true. However, I'm more meaning, in a tactical setting. Aside from weapons, which we don't really have, what is your honest assessment of her ability to stay out her, alone, like we are?"

"Running cargo? We can keep going another decade, maybe more with some upgrades. But tactically?" Burnie shook his head. "We have torpedo tubes and phaser banks, but they're seriously underpowered for this era. I could do some upgrades..." he glanced wistfully at a data PaDD containing the plans he'd put together just in case there was ever the opportunity, "...but that would take a lot of credits we don't have." Sensing there was more to the question, Burnie sat back and crossed his arms. "I get the feeling from 'alone' that is about more than our weapons though. What are you really trying to ask?"

Micheal grinned. "Well, there is discussion, up on high, about us joining forces with the Fenris Rangers. If the decision was made to go ahead, would you be interested in staying with us? You might be able finally get the resources you need to spruce up the old girl. Mind you, the decision is yours to make. There won't be any hard feelings if you decline." He paused beiefly and then added, "Of course, if it came down to that, you'd probably be thanked for your service and released somewhere."

"Ah, I thought it might be something like that." Burnie nodded. "She thinks being a Romulan means she's inscrutable, but I can tell when Liha is keeping something good to herself. As for me, if we do it I'm in. I used to be Starfleet and it would be nice to be part of doing some good out here again."

Micheal was confused briefly when Burnie mentioned Liha. But, he let it go for a moment. "I agree. While I have certainly been on my own for several years, with a refreshing break on Rosie in between, I agree that it would be nice to be part of a bigger whole again." He paused to reflect briefly on the past several years, but shook his head clear.

"Now, back to what you said earlier, about Liha. What did you mean?"

Now it was Burnie's turn to be momentarily confused, then he smiled. "Oh, that's right, you probably don't know. Liha is why the Rangers contacted us to begin with, she..." He paused. Liha's history was hers to tell. "...let's just say she goes way back with some of them."

This was something that Micheal did not know. He'd have to talk to her at some point, get more information on the Rangers. But, that wasn't something he neeeded to say now. "Alright then. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Mike." He then remembered that most of the crew didn't call him by his first name. "Or, do you prefer Burnie?"

"Let's go with Burnie - less confusion with two Michaels aboard," he replied. "By the way, do you go by Mike or Michael?"

Grinning and nodding slightly, the Texan replied. "Micheal. Only my twin sister calls me Mike." He then considered what was discussed and nodded again. Standing, he extended his right hand. "Alright, Burnie, thank you for taking the to talk to me about this."

"No problem, Michael," Burnie said, taking the hand.

As they held the handshake, Micheal added, "I do have a request. Until a final decision is made up top, please dont discuss this with your team?"

Burnie frowned. "I don't like keeping secrets from my people. I'll hold off because I understand why you want to canvas, but don't ask me to pretend I don't know if someone asks."

Micheal nodded. "That's understandable. All I ask is that, should your team come to you, try to keep any answers to the point. We don't want to get hopes or negative feelings raised, if ultimately the decision goes to stay solo. Fair enough?"

"Fair enough." Burnie nodded. "I'd never speak for the Captain on that decision anyway. His ship; his call."

Micheal nodded. "Good to know, Burnie. Thanks." As he turned to leave, he paused and turned back. "Hey, Burnie, when things calm down a little and either you or a few of your people are looking for something to tinker on, I could use a hand putting the Alexandria back together?"

"Once we get things squared away, I'm sure I can free up some volunteers," Burnie replied with a nod.

Micheal nodded his thanks. "Appreciate it. For whomever comes, the beers on me."

"I'll keep that in mind," Burnie replied with a smile.

Micheal returned the smile, then nodded goodbye and walked out. He had another department head to speak to.


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