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Checking out the Doc

Posted on Sat Oct 30th, 2021 @ 3:47pm by Micheal Robertson

Mission: Holoworld
Location: SS Mary Rose, sickbay
Timeline: November 2396 (Backpost)
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The last name on his list was the ship's newest bonesaw. Micheal had had a few conversations with Issac, though some were more tense then others, especially after Di was put into stasis. However, the big Texan felt that this new doctor just might be the one that the Rosie had been looking for.

Walking to sickbay, the Armory Chief put a good natured smile on his face. "Howdy, Doc! How's things going in here?"

"Hello" Issac said turning around from the free standing console in the middle of sickbay. It was normally manned by the duty Nurse as it displayed the medical data of those in each of the bio beds. Right now he was using it to research as he had no one in medical that needed monitoring. "Ah" he said with a smile. the Armory Chief before him was taller than he was, just, but just as well built. He had met few people of his stature, small as well built but shorter and some taller but thin. Micheal was both his size and height.

Approaching his he stuck out his hand, "Welcome to medical" he said.

Micheal grinned softly as he took the offered hand. "Thanks, Doc. You greet everyone so formally?"

He tilted his head a little and smiled "I guess i do. Its been so very long since i was last the face of a sickbay, guess i just want to make a good first impression"

Micheal chuckled softly. "Doc, I think, following the pirate attack, and how you handled yourself, a good impression was made." His smile faultered slightly, as he was about to ask how Di was doing. However, he had become a near fixture here as of late, and decided not to, for fear. Of weating out his welcome.

"And, if you have a few moments, it's the whole affair with the pirates that I'd like to speak about with you."

The doctor nodded "Please" he said "ask away" he closed his computer to standby to give Micheal his attention.

Seeing a few nurses moving around, Micheal motioned to Issac's office. "In private?"

He frowned, "Very well" he said logging off the nurses station and led Micheal into his office. Once they were both in and seated Issac activated the privacy field. There was no door between his office and the main floor but he could dampen the sound that moved between the two. "What's going on?" he asked in a rather blunt manner that he didn't mean.

Micheal didn't comment on the blunt manner of the question. Instead, he began. "So, Doc, while I onow you've only been here a short while, however, how do feel that we, as a ship and crew, are doing out here, by ourselves?"

He smiled "The Mary Rose is a fine ship, while you are not starfleet, from what i have seen and experienced you conduct yourselves with honor" he paused "This said, we are working often with limited or substandard resources. Much of the more advanced technology is what i brought with me. Our medical supplies are either in short supply, or made up from cheaper versions of what i would like." he knew that on a ship like this money was a very real aspect and that which he had brought with him should be enough for the crew for many months but when they get into fights, or respond to distress calls his supplies will disappear too quickly.

Micheal nodded as he listened. "Well, how would you feel if we were to join a larger organization, possibly getting a better supply of medical essentials?"

Issac cocked his head, "It would depend" he said "I understand the Mary Rose is an independent ship and as such can be alone when they most need help" he paused, measured his words before he continued. "The right kind of company can be a boon to a ship such as this one, however. The wrong crowd could pull the Mary Rose and her crew into a level of trouble that they are not prepared for."

Micheal nodded silently as he listened to Issac speak. When he was finished, the Armory Chief asked the important question. "How would you feel if that group was the Fenris Rangers, Doc?"

He had only heard about the Rangers in a very general way. "I have heard only a little. That they have become the guardians of several sectors, but little more than that. I would assume that they might be under funded with few resources, even with the limited resources the Rose has I would think any help we give would only make them more effective. We travel a great many places with little problems which could be of help to a small group of Rangers"

"So," Micheal began. "You would be for joining the Rangers, should a decision such as that were to be made?"



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